Monday, May 28, 2018

Why We Should Know The Difference Between Political Correctness and Bigotry (Re-up).

Last night, on New Years Eve celebrations, some whites thought it'd be a great idea to appear in 'Black Face' which is essentially a common epithet mocking African Americans; portraying them as a mockery of themselves. Blackface has a history that spans centuries and has been used to entertain whites, pushing a white supremacist agenda while making African Americans an utter joke.
Before I go into the details of Blackface and why I am writing this post in the first place, I need to state that the hateful Republican Party's rhetoric, along with some black folks co-signing under the guise of removing political correctness from the rule of the political, racial conversation in a democracy. As much ma
as I would like to believe we want a free and open conversation about issues that matter to this country, political correctness isn't among the issues grieving America. It is harmful to the blacks doing their best to make a living for their families. And, their struggle to live in a free and open society, not one riddled with bigotry. Blackface created a platform for bigotry to portray itself in the form of entertainment, who could get mad at that right? I mean, it's just entertainment, they don't actually hate black people, right? Well, even if no harm, no foul were meant, it would still be wrong. Because the Blackface caricature of the African American culture, experience diminishes the struggles blacks face in the United States, but not only does it diminish the struggle of blacks, it feeds into a racial narrative. I use the word 'race' loosely as there is only one race, the human race. But, as smart as these white folks think they are, they don't get it. Mocking folks push an unneeded wedge between classes of ethnic, religious minorities. Thus, creating an extraordinary philosophical difference in the way we view social, economic, religious and education policies.

Lasting over a hundred years, Blackface originated in the white man's characterization of plantation slaves and free blacks during the so-called minstrel shows (1830-1890). These skits worked so well; people expected black folks to act like the characters in the minstrel shows. Regardless of the black person's background, education level, whites understood blacks through the lens of the caricature of Blackface. Integration put many of these Blackface movie theaters out of business, but today, many unknowingly blacks play the role of the blackface characters for Hollywood; or what some would call stereotypical roles for the skin tone of the character.
But, last night, Whites used blackface to mock the new Civil Rights group, Black Lives Matter. To counter their protests, some Caucasians dressed in traditional blackface. Instead of being ashamed, they loved it when people filmed them, so what does that tell you about the state of racist white America? Never before have I seen such a racist candidate. When they're happy to mock blacks asking for social, economic opportunity and a fair criminal justice system, we live in a climate wherein the front Republican political candidate is promoting these ideas and co-signing violence against minorities by his push for anti-political correctness stance that is widely received as a form of strength, when really it's the bottom of the barrel; calling for the abolishment of political correctness is where you go when you have nothing of substance to offer in a debate.
Political correctness is not given one the ability to demonize even make a mockery of others, but to tell the truth. And, the truth is whites have far too often been savages raping, pillaging and teaching others violence, once the white colonists take over, and others exhibit the behavior disturb them, they're demonized, dangerous, a threat even though, they're doing what they've been taught.
African American children see this stereotype of themselves through mass media, including social media, and it reinforced this "other" narrative. On that fuels white supremacy and provides black youth with the evidence.

As a result:

1). Blacks feel less rightful to freedom of expression. What on earth do I mean, blacks don't feel less worthy of freedom of speech?
Look at open carry gun law states, far too often blacks shot killed by police in open carry would be ignored for peacefully carrying out their 2 Amendment rights. So, blacks and whites vaguely share the rights of their white counterparts.

2). Congregation: Last summer, nine churchgoers shot dead by a white supremacist undermines the very fabric whites claim this country built off, Judeo-Christian principles, a notion previously proven less truthful than true. 

3). Freedom of Assembly: Once again, blacks fear to protest resulting in the cycle of a corrupt criminal justice system. Less nefarious methods of opposing police brutality exploded after the Ferguson Police Department shot dead an unarmed African American, the streets reminiscent of the Palestinians battling the Israelis on the streets in Gaza. Point being, people, absorb inequality by force and not by choice.

4). Income inequality:  For the past couple decades, income inequality plagued America's, especially, people of color. This trend isn't by mistake; you see there are twists and turns through economic prosperity, to those it goes to and to those it comes. 
Point being, conservatives often claim there's a transfer of wealth. But, when we tend to think of that, transfer, we assume the riches of the wealthy, taken by force, subsidize social programs for the poor. You know the whole Robin Hood claim. Well, you'd be surprised to find the transfer of the wealth is true, but in reverse. In that, the transfer of wealth expression, but not the definition is correct. The transfer of wealth, in reality, comes from the poor to the rich. From the criminal justice system subsidizing city bill on the backs of the poor to corporations paying their workers so low wage, they must seek assistance, support the wealthy corporate profits. Do companies realize if they pay you so little you'll have no choice but to explore relief options? Of course, they just don't care.

Which comes full circle to the topic of blackface, in that, when whites see blacks or other ethnic minorities, they developed a preconceived notion seared in their mind through epithets, characters, and stereotypes. 

So long as the Republicans can tell their lame followers to black, ethnic, religious minorities, they've done their job. Most right-wing blogs will post about how Obama is stealing from the rich and the middle class to give to the poor; class warfare, ethnic intolerance, and so-called family value issues created an arbitrary distinction between us versus them mentality that many conservatives adhere. 

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