Friday, February 19, 2016

Bernie Supporters, If Bernie Doesn't Win The Nominee, Support Hillary Clinton

So, Bernie Sanders supporters are vowing not to vote for Hillary Clinton should she be the Democratic nominee. Now, I have always said that although I do not like Bernie Sanders, I would still vote for him should he be the Democratic nominee. There was no question about being upset that Hillary Clinton was not the nominee should she not be the nominee, but I think she has a significant chance to the nominee, and I for one, believe that she would be a better president than Bernie Sanders. But, that's just my opinion. I do not think that it is wise to engage in bipartisan-partisan politics regarding candidates within a particular party that being the Democratic Party. I think Hillary Clinton's former ties to Wall Street and subsequent donations to her political campaigns have drawn many Democratic supporters away from her cause of guaranteeing health care, affordable college, and the ability to gain employment in a bettering economy. In other words, some people believe that she will favor Wall Street and big money interest corporations over the other day people. And for that reason, it is plausible for some to be skeptical but not cynical about her intentions. However, when you hear her debate, Bernie Sanders, you realize that there's been no shift not only in her policy but her ideology towards the middle-class, students, and the working poor. Just because she has come out from a middle-class family and had privilege in her life to become first Lady, Secretary of State and a New York senator doesn't mean that she is incapable of having empathy for me everyday American people. So, it's quite laughable when I hear Bernie Sanders supporters suggest that they will sit out this election should Hillary Clinton when the Democratic nominee. Whereby giving the Republican Party a packaged victory and one that will be consequential, in that, we will be fighting, for years, to undo the obstructionism of the Republican Party. That is the thing that if a Republican, God forbid, makes it into the White House; he will most certainly continue the outdated, failed Reaganomics policies and push the middle class further into the working poor and the upper wealthy into the extremely wealthy class. So, class warfare / literal war in the Middle East is on the line, and that is what could determine this presidential election. To name a few of Hillary's plans for building on the progress the Democratic Party made with unprecedented obstructionism:

1. Healthcare for all. Bernie Sanders suggest that he has a health care plan that will ensure all Americans regardless of socioeconomic status. However, burning does not specifying the cost of these programs nor does he explain that if Republican governors would allow Medicaid expansion within their state which, covered under the Affordable Care Act, grants federal funds for the increase in the medical insurance coverage system. Therefore, Republican governors obstructionism is what is keeping folks from having health insurance.
2. Education for all. College education is extremely costly, and there's no denying that the excess cause is detrimental or counterproductive to the student graduating, with a degree, he or she may or may not be able to use. And after earning that degree, they may not be able to afford to repay the loans used to pay tuition. Moreover, the cost of college and the increasing cost of books lab fees and any other expenses that can add to college courses have a profound impact on whether a student goes to college or go straight into the workforce. Some even go into the military for the GI Bill for assistance for college. But one should not have to join the military for college, the cost of college tuition far exceeds the worth of the courses. We spend millions of dollars a day fighting terrorism part of which we created, so couldn't some of that money be reallocated towards helping the American people instead of dropping bombs on countries who we are trying to bring democracy to who don't want freedom?
3. Racial injustice. Far too often, racial injustice has been ignored by the president, City Council, and everything in between, therefore, the spotlight should be placed on racial inequality with in regards to police brutality and racial discrimination was in the workforce within the educational system and within the generality of the composite system of life.
4. Police brutality. Citizens regardless of color, should not have to worry about the police stopping pulling them over because of how they look, because of how they're dressed commonly because of what they're driving, because of the color of their skin. Moreover, police officers should order your body cams so that the public made see what their tax dollars procure and whether police officers are doing a job worthy of the people's cash. A breakdown in structural leadership and the code of silence. Also, police officers must be held accountable when they have broken the law. When the pigs shoot unarmed individuals, or when a citizen choked people to death while in police custody, it's imperative an independent investigation follows.
5. Immigration reform. Passing immigration reform is essential to the former Secretary of State, she wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform wherein 11 million illegal immigrants can come out of the shadows and work towards citizenship. It's simple. 

So, this is a representative sample of Mrs. Clinton's proposals, and they're not in any particular order; her wording might be different, but I am for her policies and believe they will tremendously help this country. So, there's plenty reasons to vote for Mrs. Clinton, especially, if you claim progressivism as a motto. 

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