Monday, February 22, 2016

Even If You Love Bernie's Message, He's Demographically Illiterate.

First, I want to set the record straight, no, this past weekend, at the Nevada Caucus, Bernie Sanders did not win the Hispanic vote as some would have you believe. I must admit most politicians use gaining the ethnic minority vote as a source of esteem. A  source of power that, for example, their outreach program is working; that their message resonates with Blacks.  It's as though some claim they'll do more for blacks than their predecessors, but that doesn't always square with their policies, which by-in-large represent high-income brackets. But Bernie has shifted the conversation and pushed Hillary to the left, which is a tremendously good thing for progressives.

So far, many African Americans have voted for Hillary Clinton.  Many African Americans, especially the older ones, know Hillary Clinton, at least, they feel as though they do. And for the most part, older Blacks are religious and want a religious candidate. Hillary Clinton is a Christian, whereas Bernie is a secular Jew. To me, there's nothing wrong with his religious beliefs
or lack thereof, as this country is based on secular laws. Bernie Sanders's supporters, on the other hand, seem to gravitate towards white college kids ranging in age from 18 to 35 because they consume online media, as opposed to their parents. Their parents view the old television and are selling a load of corporate nonsense talking points. So, there's a correlation between the transformation in the consumption of media, which shift the dynamics of how people think about politics. But, the problem is some Blacks and Latinos aren't stupid, and they see his voting block, and some feel his message isn't speaking to their issues. You see today, with the click of a mouse, you can find out information on the candidate of your choice; their previous votes on the issues that most affect your life.

So, why do kids love Bernie so much? I mean, he's  a lifelong Congressman, why now? What is it that attracts kids and many working class towards the Vermont Independent Senator? Again, the Millenial generation has access to the internet and a  variety of alternative options which voice frustration with the "establishment" candidates. Moreover, Bernie's  plan for free college, universal health care income equality, and a sense of dignity brought back to the family wherein all receive livable wages.

To be honest, it sounds appealing and like a great plan, but is it realistic?  The answer is, it is not feasible within the current political climate in the Congress and the big money special interest groups who have already bought congressional members. So,  free college, raise in the minimum wage, these things are all admirable aspirations, although, in the current political Congress, they are pipe dreams, which will never come to pass.

Here's how things could swing in the far left progressive movement if you elected a liberal Congress and grabbed control of the Senate and the House. Also, of course, to having a reformist president. But until then, you have a Congress, who will block everything Bernie  Sanders proposes. Therefore, electing him would be worse than having a 'lame duck' president because anything promised even when done through executive order will get tied up in the courts for long battles holding up any progress made.
As long as Republicans control the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, we can forget passing truly progressive legislation. Need I remind you, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare by a single vote. So universal health care will never pass.

 But people love this man because he appears to be a regular Joe, someone powerful who cares for the people and not special interest groups, and for that, he should be commended. And his ideas have forced his  Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to the Left, which is a good thing. As progressives, the last thing we want is another Centrist. Yes, Obama balanced the budget and, like most of the Democratic presidents, reduced the national deficit. But his policies have overwhelmingly aided the very wealthy, whether that was a result of the economic recovery or just the growth of the economy, it still goes without saying that income inequality is still as bad as ever. Sure, some progress has been made, but Bernie Sander's message is to empower the working destitute and re-establish what was once known as the middle class. Bernie Sanders appeals to the concerns of the poor. But, we need a logical candidate. One who can get things done while working to empower the poor. Bernie's supporters claim Hillary couldn't care less for the working poor and that she's all about Wall Street. Part of that may have previously held as truth, but the current facts don't hold water to that claim.

Hillary has repeatedly explained she realizes people feel we live in a rigged economy. And, that is true, we do live in a rigged economy where the working, poor have little say in keeping companies from shipping jobs to other countries. So, the people lose their jobs, but the powerful executives keep their jobs and grow their profit with cheaper labor. While Sanders believes he can stop this, he's living in a dream where reality just doesn't exist. Whereas Hillary Clinton understands the economic challenges of folks from a well rounded and pragmatic standpoint, which is to say she gets it. She gets it. And her way of fixing these issues goes far beyond a good heart moving speech. Some of which are needed. People love Bernie because of his progressive ideology, but his outreach to minorities is skewed because his message deals mostly with income inequality, some feel other issues are just as important are ignored by the Senator.  So, his push for income equality has urged Hillary to address the rigged economy in a way she would never have done ten years ago. She's also done many things for blacks and during her lifetime, she's worked for tighter gun rights, the Children's Defense Fund and other spectacular work in helping poor minorities.

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