Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump Can Say He's a Christian, But There's Nothing Christlike About Him.

As a kid, I grew up recognizing what Christianity was, what it meant, and I recognized how it impacts not only our lives but the lives of those around us and through us by God's grace. I remember being saved. I recall the feeling of joy and satisfaction in knowing that I was saved through Christ alone through faith alone and not by works. But, what I also realized is that God works through us and in us to mold us into who he wants us to be. And at times, it might be confusing even to ourselves who God wants us to be. I realized there was a difference not as in religiosity but in a spiritual sense. No, we are not under the law, we are in the dispensation or age of grace, but God, nonetheless, makes changes in our lives. In Trump, I don't see any form of a Christlike man. I see someone who is a showman and will do or say anything he thinks people want to hear. Being politically incorrect has become something people on the right love. So, when he says things, even against the people in question, they love it because they assume he's not talking about them rather he's talking about other people. For example, when he calls Mexicans rapist, murderers, and the rest, they have no qualms with his assessment as it makes them feel proud to be the "good" Mexicans. If that makes sense. 

However, when we do wrong, when we mess up when we fall short of the glory of God we ask for forgiveness of our sins. Every Christian or most Christians know this and it is a part of our Christian life it is a part of who we are it is a part of a heart that is changed by grace. Most people who  understand Christianity understand, it is not wise to be full of boastful pride. In fact, the Bible says humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He shall lift you up. So, Christianity is not a banner to be worn on certain days or a trophy to put on the shelf and shine up and show off when necessary. Christianity is all about Christ, who Christ is and what Christ has done in our lives is the evidence of His grace. Therefore, many times even in my own life, I recognize that when I fall short of God's grace, I simply ask for forgiveness. And why do I ask for forgiveness? Because through grace God is giving me the understanding of what is right in his eyes and what is wrong in his eyes in other words, God has given me the grace to understand how to treat people, how to interact with those around me, how to deal with those who I disagree with, how to act when I am upset. Trump, on the other hand, takes pleasure in making a mockery of not only his political party, Christianity, Americans, and everything that is decent about humanity. Donald Trump seeks what he calls the end to political correctness. But what is political correctness? Political correctness is that which is not correct politically. In other words, political correctness is that which is not politically mainstream.

Now, many get this confused with what could be deemed as ignorant, hateful speech which is counterproductive too politically incorrect speech. Contrary to right-wing opinion, political correctness is not a license to use hateful rhetoric. Now, people will ask what is hate speech? Hate speech comes in many forms; it can be subtle, it can be inflammatory, and it can be obvious hate speech. For example, in my opinion, as it relates to Christianity, I don't have the right to call people derogatory names. I don't have the right to incite violence against others. I don't have the right to suggest that others are worse than me, nor do I have the right to suggest others who are not like me should be disenfranchised, or should be somehow disregarded as human.

Yet at Trump's rallies, he has, more or less, incited the use of violence against protesters or people who disagree with him. Mr. Trump has also suggested that countries be bombed back to the Stone Age and that we carpet bomb innocent civilians because of the actions of a group of people. Now,  Islamic terrorists are most certainly against the values of Christianity, but America is a secular country based on secular laws. We are ruled by secular laws whether you like it or not. So using Christianity as a crutch for the government is, in essence, an argument from ignorance, in that, everything we know about society comes through secular laws. Before you get upset, I am not speaking about Christianity in this particular instance, I am speaking of the laws of the land. Christianity plays a part in personal ways. Secular laws do not make us secularist, it simply means we have the right to choose which religion we will follow or not follow. Although as Christians we are not under the law of Moses, we do follow the laws of our government as the Bible tells us to do in the book of Romans the 13th chapter. As Christians, there are many laws that we might disagree with and that is why you elect someone that stands up for the government that you believe best informs the world about a positive position of power. However, Mr. Trump would like to follow the laws of his inflated ego. On several occasions when asked if he repents, Mr trumpet said that he does not repent because he's not a bad guy. No Christian in his or her right mind would say such a thing. Although we are not under the "law" and our sins are forgiven, there's a change of heart that brings us to repentance. I am not saying Mr. Trump is not a Christian, I am simply explaining God doesn't recognize Trumps interpretation of Christianity. 

"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." ~ 1 John 4:8

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