Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hulu Plus Out Does Netflix.

 For years, I've heard Netflix is the best video streaming service available. I've used the leading giant service for nearly five years with little complaint; that was until I came across Hulu Plus another competitive video streaming service, which offers TV shows, news shows, movies and, to me, a wider range of content than Netflix does. Netflix shows are scares and timeworn series of shows like '16 and Pregnant,'   but they do offer newer shows with recent episodes like the show Intervention, one of my personal favorites, they also carry Lifetime Movies which is a big bonus. As old as those shows are Netflix has a smaller range of content for TV shows, and their movie selection isn't much different. Both streaming services offer the same content; however, I must say as a previous a vigorous proponent of Netflix the range of content on Hulu Plus is better than other streaming services.

One downside is the Hulu Plus has different memberships the lower costing membership commercials play during TV shows. I don't find that a huge issue. Point being, take it for what it's worth, Hulu Plus is on the way to unseat the streaming giant Netflix.

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