Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, will Bernie Sanders supporters -- Support Her?

Now, this sounds like a no-brainer if your choice doesn't get the nomination for the Democratic Party, will you vote for Hillary Clinton? Now, I have often stated that if Bernie Sanders were the Democratic nominee, I would vote for him. Moreover, I would vigorously support his democratic socialist agenda. However, the same cannot be said about the Bernie Sanders supporters. I often thought that we are in this together. We as Democrats stick together and vote for the Democratic nominee regardless of variation of political ideology. Besides, no Republican party candidate will get things done the way that Democratic presidential candidates will be able to. Often, you hear about Hillary Clinton being supported by Wall Street and the financial sector as if she will do their bidding because of their financial contributions. However, no matter who you elect no matter who wins the White House they are beholden to someone there someone is pulling the strings. But, what we can say is that, for the Democratic Party, the interest of the people are more important than the benefit of major corporations.
I suppose it is easy to hurl insults at a woman presidential candidate and her ties to Wall Street. What's not easy is making the money or gaining financial contributions to run for president as each and every president has taken money from some special interests or corporation. But, does that mean that they are beholden to the corporations who simply want to see them as a President of the United States? No of course, not.

If Hillery is the "shill" as Sander's supporters call her, Bernie is lying because, he too, takes money from banks/outside financiers.
*Bank of America
*BAE Systems 
*AT&T Liberty Mutual
*Smarter Fuel Future
*Velcro Companies
*Dominion Resources
*Eversource Energy
*Fidelity Investments
*Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
*Kinder Morgan
*Liberty Mutual
*Liberty Utilities
*Lincoln Financial Group
*McLane Middleton
*The MEMIC Group
*New Balance Athletic Shoes
*New Hampshire College and University Council
*Rath, Young & Pignatelli, PA

So, if Bernie Sander's supporters argument is, Hillary took money from Wall Street and other special interest groups, therefore, she can't be trusted. However, it looks like Sanders has his hand in the same cookie jar. The truth is it's incredibly hard to win without cash and a ground game which energizes folks to go to the polls for you. Bernie Sanders offers artificial fixes for nuanced, complicated issues. I think Hillary Clinton is a pragmatist and Sanders sees things in black and white which, of course, is not how life works. To be clear, we must put a Democrat back in the White House, a Republican win will destroy the work of President Obama and socially take us back to the 1950's and put Reaganomics on steroids, this course of action will not only ruin the economy for the working poor it will ensure the rich get more affluent and the destitute bail out Wall Street's greed. Again. So, the choices between the Democratic nominees may appear diametrically opposed. However, they are for the everyday people. Whereas the Republican Party wants to force their values based on their interpretation of the Bible on the rest of society. Now, how did these values workout in Iraq? George Bush said God told him to go to Iraq and start a preemptive war, whereby waging a war unseen on Christians in the ancient Middle Eastern region since the crusades. We cannot put these clowns back in the White House. 

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