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UPDATE: In 1996, Hillary Clinton Correctly Called Gang Members "Super Predators" For Destroying Black Communities. #ImWithHer

I can assure you, African Americans don't need your help to decide for whom to vote. A number of articles argue Blacks should vote for Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton; as though they fail to see the condescending nature of their message. As people, we all have different experiences, interests, and beliefs. I can almost guarantee you, the number one issue facing the African American community isn't money in politics. Although Bernie Sanders's selling that narrative it doesn't hold water to the reality in low-income, urban areas. Bernie Sanders suggests if only billionaires stopped buying politicians everything would be great. For Bernie, it's a 'fix all' solution. While getting money out of politics would be great for middle-class white folks, I don't think it helps the black community to the degree Sanders would have you believe.  One talk show host, a Bernie supporter, upset over an article questioning Bernie's electability, railed against the article with reasons blacks should support the socialist. It's like nothing matters except the person someone else wants you to vote for as if they know what's best for the Black community. Well, I think voting for Bernie Sanders is to vote on a single issue; getting money out of politics. I mean, sure it's easy to roll out the Black, Latino faces during an election season, but who's record reflects consistent support for African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, women's rights and others, which candidate has stood up for the poor and yes, Wall Street? Because a president cannot only be for one demographic, but for the collective of the American people. Don't get me wrong, I am not in support of Wall Street, for one second, but you have to have relationships with insiders who respect you to the point, you will jail them, without hesitation, if needed.

 It was around 1993, I was 12, pondering moving with my dad in Chicago with my twin brother.  However, being black, my father suggested otherwise as he said there were "superpredators" who encourage kids to join gangs, hook them on drugs or just victimize people. At the time, I couldn't believe my dad was calling other blacks "predators." I mean, wasn't that something racist white people did? Yes, they did and still do, but at the time, the best thing for my brother and I was to avoid Chicago. At the time, I was a naive kid. Surely, I'd never join a gang or do drugs. But, my dad said, no you don't understand, they push and push and harass you for doing the right thing and seeking an education. If this black man spoke this negatively about black youth in Chicago (Not all), then there must be something to it. Today, it goes without saying I am glad I didn't make the move and stayed with my mom. But, there are predators out there who prey on the naive. I guess, at the time, I might have been influenced in a way, I  mean, everyone wants to fit in, right? So, I have empathy for the kids currently living in Chicago and other gangs, drug, and violence infested communities. The point is, there are indeed "superpredators" out there.

Hillary has always been a friend to the African-American community.  There's a 1992 videotape floating around in which Clinton refers to "superpredators" but at that time crime was at an all-time high and gang violence was out of control; therefore, there were, in fact, predators hooking kids on drugs, and pushing them a glorified street life. So, for Hillary to admit some predators preyed on the most vulnerable kids, who already had the deck stacked against them, was correct. If you love African-Americans, within the context Clinton spoke, you would also hate these "superpredators! Any group of people who cause violence, drug addiction or pushing kids to join gangs; those are predators. Of course, the root of the problem was systemic racism, but that doesn't change the activities of those responsible for creating an environment in which kids had to choose a gang lifestyle, versus going to school and getting an education. In other words, gangs set up a false dichotomy, either live the street life and make money or go to school and have nothing.
The root of the problem has long been the disparity between income inequality and decent paying jobs for minorities; therefore, they resorted to nefarious activities to include drug dealing and other criminal activities, which made things worse and a reason for conservatives to blame the black community for their problems. 

However, systematic racism which still exists today. I must admit; I hate Mrs. Turner and rapper 'Killa Mike' who know Sander's can't win with the white vote alone acting like Hillary has done nothing for the African American community, as I will explain later. The New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucus where 95% white voters, in other words, they were not a representative sample of in the United States coming into the Nevada caucus which happens this Saturday on the 20th of February 2016, that will be the first time that minorities are actually a representative sample and any of the Caucasus Hillary Clinton still maintains a double-digit lead in South Carolina where primaries will be held a week from Saturday. But what we have to understand is the right candidate must be electable. It's one thing to vote for someone popular, or even for a candidate to run a populist campaign, however, it's quite another thing to vote for someone who can get elected and get the job done. That is to say, we need to vote for someone that will not only accomplish campaign finance reform but also fix our broken immigration, tackle racial injustice, and them a judicial system which by-in-large, disproportionately affects African-Americans. Now, many make the case that Hillary Clinton is a shill, in that, she works on Wall Street and. Therefore, she does not care about the average American. But we must remember that Hillary Clinton started her career working for the 'Children's Defense Fund' and going undercover to expose racism and pseudo segregation within Schools.

Whereas Bernie Sanders has been in Congress for 25 years and has proposed 400 bills and only three, have passed. Now, he's known as the 'amendment king' which means that he by-in-large agrees with the Republican Party, and he is willing to compromise to pass bills. Now square that with his speeches on the need to get campaign finance reform accomplished. Getting money out of politics is not something Republicans agree will create a fair electoral platform. Of course, you'll ask why? Because Republicans are already bought and paid for by billionaires. Therefore, there will be no common ground when it comes to getting money out of politics.  Again, Bernie has done nothing to get campaign finance reform accomplished, thus, nothing is ensuring that he will do so as president. Moreover, Republican obstructionism will be of epic proportions. So just because Bernie Sanders does not appear to be purchased by large multi-corporations specifically Wall Street, that does not mean that Congress will go along with his plans to reform the corrupt campaign finance system. Furthermore, the Millennials who support Bernie Sanders are, mostly, white, mostly middle class, and mostly do not understand how politics works. I don't mean that to berate them. They just don't. They believe that Bernie Sanders has some fix-everything-magic wand. He's not doing a good job of explaining to voters, specifically young voters, that he does not have the power or the ability to do the things he is proposing on his own and this will eventually have a tremendous impact on his campaign. 

Let's not forget, Bernie Sanders has voted five times for the Brady Bill, which is a pro-gun bill. At a time when we need to reign in the gun lobby and restrict access to guns deterring criminals and the mentally ill from gaining access to firearms it's imperative that we understand Bernie Sanders stance on guns has flip-flopped, has changed because now he is running as a Democratic candidate.   Mega-Churches draw thousands of people by telling them things they want to hear; Hillary Clinton's rallies do not bring as many folks as her campaign is realistic and not a socialist takeover of the government. Bernie Sanders supporters could easily be mistaken for folks at a megachurch rally. It's ironic that Bernie Sanders supporters rail against Donald Trump's support of fascism, xenophobia, anti a homosexual, racism, and anti-government policies but they flock to Bernie Sanders in the same way in which Donald Trump supporters flock to him. So what's the difference? Bernie gives off this utopia vote for me, and everything will be perfect. Sorry kids, that's not how politics works, and Bernie is deliberately fooling you.The truth is no one person can complete their said promises without the help of their colleagues in Congress. Do they respect you, or do they respect and fear you? One thing is for sure, Republicans respect and fear Hillary Clinton.

These 'Black Lives Matter' kids have no idea Hillary was trying to save them from themselves. And, that somehow is derogatory? I think what's offensive is kids sold a false narrative, that the way to a better life is through gang violence, selling; infesting; drugs into impoverished communities. Although crime is down today and it's not as it was in the early 1990's, these protestors focus on a phrase rather than the content of the expression which doesn't include those who aren't what the phrase encapsulates. The fact is that crime in the black community should address black on black crime, and it's not always easy to be politically correct about it. But the fact of the matter is that as stated throughout this post, corruption perpetuates a cycle of violence, especially in low-income areas, which is something Clinton focused on as well. By the way, today, there's plenty of super-predators on Wall Street.

Hillary didn't call blacks "superpredators". Here's a proof. #HillYes  #ImWithHer http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4557866/hillary-clinton-criminal-justice-drug-policy-circa-1996 …

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