Sunday, February 28, 2016

Make Sure You Know Who You're Voting For.

On the heels of Hillary Clinton's latest South Carolina primary victory over senior Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, a lot of vitriol begins spewing from Sanders's surrogates. From Cornel West to Killer Mike to Nina Turner, they all blame Civil Rights warrior John Lewis and former Senator Clybern because Sanders lost the South Carolina primary. Cornel West, a long, vicious critic of President Barrack Obama, has flocked to Sanders.

As far as I know, no one is asking you to vote for a  - particular - candidate. But, whoever you decide to vote, make sure you understand the policy of your candidate. In addition, make sure you know whether your candidate can actually do what he or she says they will do. Is it feasible to assume a capitalist Congress will pass socialist legislation? Do you see the donors of those supporting Republican Party candidates, vote for socialist policies? If, so, do you believe the socialist president will secure a 60 plus Senate vote for said plans?
Will the Congress paid for by the banks break them apart? If you truly believe this and want to vote for socialism, isolationism, and a fantasy utopia by all means vote for that candidate.

If you believe in the racist propaganda and supporting the 1% by all means vote Republican. But, if you want a pragmatic president who's been thoroughly vetted for the past four years, vote for her. They called a liar and many other unfortunate, ironic, lies too insulting to list here.

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