Friday, February 12, 2016

Should Christians support Bernie Sanders?

The fact that Bernie Sanders is not a Christian makes some Christians wonder whether they should support the self-described Democratic Socialist as a presidential candidate. I for one, disagree with Bernie Sanders on some topics. Not the least of which is the affordability of his proposed pie - in- the sky plans, if you will. I think that what Bernie Sanders is offering is false hope, and he's offering false hope to those who need hope the most. In his 25 year career in the Senate, three of the four hundred bills Bernie Sanders proposed came into law. Now, that is not the best track record for an individual seeking the highest office in the land. So, we must remember when Bernie Sanders talks about campaign finance reform, getting money out of politics, not being bought by corporations, and not being beholden to any particular interest group, we must note that the rest of Congress is bought and paid for courtesy of multi-millionaires and sometimes billionaire philanthropists who seek congressional candidates to do their bidding. 

Therefore, we must remember that Bernie Sanders would need a majority of Democrats in the House and the Senate to pass his proposals. Not to mention, the fact, that some Democrats do not agree with his policies, at least, the Democrats that are in Congress. Also, even if Bernie Sanders proposals did pass that would still not mean that they were filibuster proof. That is to say, Republicans would be able to challenge the plans and essentially stop any efforts to have these proposals even though passed by the Senate and House come into law so we must not kid ourselves. Yes, Bernie Sanders talks about a political revolution, but at whose expense? Yes, student debt is out of control the cost of tuition, books combine lab fees, and all the other financial matters regarding College are extremely expensive. But, it does not take a political revolution to rectify the issues with student loan debt and financial aid for college. I will grant that to Bernie Sanders. We spend far too much on the military that is a no brainer. However, that does not mean that Congress will shift some of those funds to social programs that will benefit the middle class, in the working class, the working poor. Therefore, students once unable to pay for college gain the ability to enter college and hopefully make a brighter future for themselves. But, this does not change the social construct which impedes minorities of low socioeconomic status from entering the college realm if you will. You see low-income folks face, such as money management. So, also, scholastic ventures must include programs that will grant practical solutions for social interaction. 

Moreover, criminology and the long-terms effects must be investigated; whereby students see the negative consequences of criminal behavior. So, instead of education, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and the other minorities are left in the cracks. There left behind and the wealthy, the powerful, and the well-connected take advantage of the little or uninformed minority. Unfortunately, for some, it's good for businesses to keep the poor, minorities ignorant and undereducated, underprivileged and disenfranchised. These nefarious actions cause a political climate of chaos, one in which some thrive. Some influential people rig the system. Thus, creating vast income inequality. However, the candidates I hate the most are the ones claiming to be Christians, yet they do everything un-Christlike. 

What does this have to do with Christianity, you ask? The point is no matter who we elect; they've all got their hands dirty. Bernie Sander has never said he was a Christian nor supportive of any individual religion. But, in America, we have freedom of worship. I refuse to be a one issue voter, so long as their religious, or non-religious belief keeps me from free-worship, it's not my place to vote according to a single point. Sure people throw abortion, same-sex marriage into the equation. however, these things in secular law are legal. So, we should fight against these unjust, unbiblical laws, right? Although I disagree with same-sex marriage, and abortion, I consider myself pro-choice. Because I believe, we all have to think for ourselves. People on this earth don't save you, Jesus does. 

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