Thursday, March 24, 2016

Don't Let Bernie Sanders Fool You.

For the most part, people flock to Bernie Sanders for lack of education. Most people don't realize Mrs. Clinton has experienced 25-years of constant conservative attacks, and, for the most part, she comes out untouched. Yeah, it turns out not much of what the Right wants you to believe about Hillary is true. After nine Congressional Benghazi hearings, and Mrs. Clinton's 11-hour testimony, some idiot rightwingers still claims Mrs. Clinton lied about the attacks.  For conservatives, the Benghazi hoax was expected to be the nail in Clinton's political career. But, these individuals are naive and cannot be reasoned with, so they will vote for the war hawks and the charlatans like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump who will piss on them but assert it's drizzling.

Thus, someone so unqualified like Bernie Sanders can penetrate the Democratic Party and run as a populist candidate while he slams the former secretary of state whom he cast a vote to affirm to the revered position in '09. Individuals, notably young people, demand reform in what they perceive to be a fraudulent campaign finance policy, wherein few reap the benefits of a recession growing on the verge of a major Depression, thanks to Republican 'trickle down economic' practices.

There's no doubt the top 10% percent continue to gain wealth while the rest of the country endures stagnant wages. And, while production increases -- wages -- again remain relatively small.  It's a disaster, but we need a comprehensive, realistic plan to counter this insanity, and I submit, Bernie Sanders' pixie dust doesn't fix the issues we face. For example, Bernie Sanders is a big opponent of Wall Street and wants to tax Wall Street 'speculation,' which is basically where financial institutions gamble on the stock market with consumer funds for self-gain. His tax would supposedly pay for free college for all. Bernie would also increase taxes on the Middle Class to pay for universal health care. Although Bernie insists his tax plan will be merely a slight increase, no guarantee would be the case. Taxes could very well increase far above what Bernie is selling on the campaign trail, which would mean not only wage down, but taxes would increase too. That's counterproductive.

Hillary, on the other hand, wants to build on the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage and close loops holes to bring costs down; work to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. This proposal is clearly a more reasonable and efficient plan. It is critical to note that through her plan all Americans would have access to health care without throwing this country into another contentious debate over government health care. Meaning, on the conservative radio stations, the narrative for Bernie's plan would be, the government is taking over your health care. There's no way his health care plan would pass Congress. Hillary wants to raise the minimum wage to $12.00 an hour. Now, to me, that is still too low but it is a start. Bernie, on the other hand, wants to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour which is something that will never pass the Congress. It ain't happening. Many Republicans want to do away with the concept of the minimin wage.  For example, companies could pay you $3.00 and hour if they want. So, they're not raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Those working full time get the message that nothing can get done in Washington, but what they won't tell you is they're are the reason nothing gets done. Hillary is being reasonable with you and explaining what she feels she can accomplish. Whereas Bernie Sanders is making promises he cannot keep.

It's no wonder young people are voting for Bernie because they don't understand the political system and the amount of opposition Bernie would receive would be far greater than the Centrist, President Obama. Obama is a corporatist, and he still couldn't get things done. Sure, he's been successful in many ways, the point is the opposition he's faced while attempting to move the country forward. Again, a.m. radio and corporate media play an enormous role in forming opinions of the misinformed.

Finally, let's not forget, Bernie Sanders was in charge when the V.A. scandal revealed people passed away due to long waiting periods, poor service, and Clinic incompetence. Yet, Bernie Sanders wants the public to believe socialism is a good idea for America when he couldn't even handle the Military's socialist medical system. Wake up people.

 Bernie uses various socialist countries as a means to prove it works. But, these countries are small countries and Bernie's supporters don't understand this small but huge fact.

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