Tuesday, March 1, 2016

If You Care About Democracy, Vote For Hillary Clinton.

Many people especially those on the right, claim Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate possible. Now, we know for a fact that is not true. In fact,  Citizens United  was proposed in an effort to pour in dark money to fight against Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Citizens united as  insured corporations and big money interest groups can spend unlimited sums for presidential campaigns without revealing  who they are  or where the money came from. Now what do I mean by we know that is a fact? Well, Hillary Clinton has spent her life working to improve the lives of others through working for the Children's Defense Fund to working in impoverished communities to help raise the school standards and going undercover to expose systemic racism within the public schools. She spent her life as a supporter of women's rights, minority rights, and fighting against bigotry of all forms. Hillary Clinton has also been a First Lady, in New York United States senator, and the Secretary of State. So Hillary Clinton knows about policy, foreign policy, and having working relationships with both Democrats and Republicans. Thus far, hillary Clinton has been endorsed by 404 companies Corporation and those who hold super delegates. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders has been endorsed by 4 people who holds super delegates. No one in the United States Senate has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Not one, Democrat or Republican have endorsed the democratic socialist. Bernie Sanders has been in the United States Senate for nearly 30 years. Of the four hundred bills he has proposed only for have become law. Yes, it is true, Bernie Sanders through bipartisanship passed amendments to various bills but the bills that he himself has proposed have an extremely inconsequential of success.
If you're scared to death of a candidate, you would propose or attempt to pass bills to derail someone's presidential bid you see as a threat.
Furthermore, Hillary Clinton is a Christian. And isn't that what the right wing want in the White House,  a Christian?
Oh,  but she the wrong kind of Christian,  right?  Because she doesn't subscribe to bigotry, she's evil.  It just goes to show how little the right knows about politics and Christianity for that matter.

In essence, Bernie Sanders campaign is no different then the Republicans spreading fear, and hysteria. Hysteria about Wall Street and how Wall Street is responsible for the downfall of the middle class. Bernie Sanders proposes breaking up the Bank as though that would fix income inequality, climate change, and student debt. As disingenuous as if that is, we must remember that the banking system has nothing to do with dude and then, global warming, foreign policy, and bringing back jobs from China.

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