Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is Ted Cruz A Christian?

If you haven't heard of Ted Cruz, don't worry you will soon. Ted Cruz, the United States senator from Texas and current presidential candidate uses Christianity as a tool to gain right wing conservative votes. While his father is a radical conservative pastor,  he embodies the arrogance of what some might call Christianity. What does that mean? What it means is Ted Cruz is a guy who uses biblical passages, biblical text to gain political favor over the religious right. And for the most part, this is worked out pretty well for him. But what is also true is that through his misuse of Christianity, his false ideology establishes a troubling reality within the religious right. 

You see, the religious right uses Christianity to create a false narrative about the world around them, in that, the "other" are to blame for the problems in the world. For example, we should blame the Muslims, we should blame the homosexuals, we should blame anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with our position. So what we have seen a political climate wherein half the electorate views men's shortcoming for the current state of affairs. What shortcomings you may ask. Well,  it is well known that some of Ted Cruz's Evangelical supporters have blamed homosexuals for the decline America's standing in the world. And whatever that means which is up for their interpretation, we need to focus on moving forward, on progress.

We've come to far to turn back the clock and blame others for the problems in this country. What we need to do is, through God's grace, lift people up and get America to a place wherein we all have a chance to gain opportunity, prosperity, and replace apathy with a beckon of hope. The divisive rhetoric we hear from the Republican, Conservative party is a danger to the progress we've made regarding race relations. Now, there is much to be done regarding race relations, but turning back the clock would be an utter embarrassment. As a Christian, I believe all people should be treated equally. We should all have religious, civil liberties without forcing beliefs onto other folks, and we can use Christianity to spread the love of God, not be the iron fist of unduly vengeance. Ted Cruz believes, from all outward appearances, to misunderstand Christianity and the love of God. Instead, Cruz would focus on being the military arm of God for his ends. More so than that, Ted Cruz's fire-and-brimstone father,pastor claims Ted is anointed to be the president. Really? God told Ted Cruz's racist, bigoted father Cruz should be president? No, I doubt it. I don't buy it. In fact, I believe it's the Cuban pastor's attempt, to manipulate spiritually, his followers, which is despicable. 

But, let's see if Cruz's behavior lines up with his father's claim. In one of Ted Cruz's campaign ads, a former porn star plays a disgruntled voter where she sits with other voters finding Cruz to be the guy for them. However, later when it was pointed out that the woman was a former porn star, instead of defending the woman, Cruz deflected and wanted to sweep it underneath the rug, but not before throwing the poor repentant woman under the bus.

"And it came to pass that Jesus entered the city of Capernaum, where a sinful woman came to him while he was at table. Weeping, she washed his feet and anointed him with oil, and He told her, “your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Because that’s the kind of Guy he was – always with the prostitutes and the destitute, the unclean women and the lepers and even with the tax collectors.

Not so Ted Cruz. When his campaign discovered that an actress in one of his Internet ads had a porn past, it pulled the ad, and issued a grossed-out apology: “Unfortunately, she was not vetted by the production company,” a campaign aid said. “Had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad.”
She wasn’t good enough. Her past wasn’t right. She might have been living in the light and truth of an honest day’s work, but she had to go.

Safe to say, Ted Cruz has lost the sex worker vote. But shouldn’t he also be in hot water with Christians? If porn actors are victims, or sinners – a point of view shared by most Evangelical Christians – then the Cruz campaign has committed a grave wrong. It spurned and publicly humiliated a sinner in the very act of moving from sin toward grace. Moreover, she herself turns out to be a believing Christian. You know you’re in trouble when you find a death threat with your name on it, smack in the middle of the Gospels of Jesus Christ: “If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me – to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.” (1).

Ted Cruz may or may not be a Christian, but he's not someone I can indentify with; I mean, throwing those woman to the  lions of rightwing hate-o-sphere is irrisponsible and not very Christlike. A Christian is someone who believes in Christ, His death, burial, and His ressurrection from the dead. Through His death, we are wash from sin and given eternal life through faith in what He did on the cross. But, to me, living the Christian life is having a spirit of grace and forgiveness. Granting the forgiveness Christ bestowed upon us as sinners, that's the grace we ought to grant others; especially the most vunerable amongst us. So, is Ted Cruz a Christian, well, that's between him and God.

1). Caitlin Flanaan. (3 February 2016). Ted Cruz Is Not a True Christian. Time. http://time.com/4220576/ted-cruz-is-not-a-true-christian/

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