Monday, April 9, 2018

Pastor, Do Not Tell Me For Whom To Vote!

A pastor's job description does not include telling you for whom to vote. A pastor's job is to tell you about the Word of God. A pastor's job is to inform you about what God would have you to do in a spiritual sense, but that doesn't mean that they enforce or give the impression that you should vote a particular way or for a certain political party for that matter. So, when your pastor begins to speak politics don't take it personally, in that, his job is not to pontificate about upcoming elections, political figures, or political ideology. You don't go to church for that, what you go to church for is for the pastor to give you information that shapes the way you view Christ. And your relationship with the Creator. But, recently there's been a push to almost enforce or promote certain political figures or individual political candidates on believers. To me, there is a complete disconnect with regard to personal choice. Believers get to choose for whom to vote. It doesn't matter what a pastor or church member tells you you have the right to make up your mind, and you have the right to express yourself through elections. Of course, the values that you have as a Christian shaped the way that you view the world around you. Therefore, those values give you the ability to ponder the qualities of each political candidate. Moreover, the way in which we come to conclusions about political affiliation has a lot to do with are socioeconomic situations, our beliefs on social issues such as gay marriage, gun rights, economic reform, Social Security, Medicare, Healthcare, and war. These matters shape the way in which we view each candidate not just as a person but on the merits of their voting records. We base our judgment on their willingness to share their beliefs with the same passion that we have for those beliefs.
Therefore, when a pastor expresses his views,  they may drastically differ from your circumstance which may inform you to vote a different way than other church members might vote.
If a politician or political party claims another political figure is a liar look into it for yourself, don't take others words as proof for making a personal decision. It is not in your best interest to align yourself with people who make false allegations or accusations against another political figure because, ironically, they're lying.
And, the worst thing a political figure can do is make you believe something that is not true. We've seen far too many times, that when politicians don't tell us the truth and  we blindly follow them, we do ourselves a disservice. For example, George W. Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and destabilized the entire Middle East.
I know you ask well how do you know he lied to us I mean, what if he actually believed there were weapons of mass destruction? Well, George Bush claimed that we needed to do a preemptive war against Saddam Hussein because he possessed weapons of mass destruction not that he was making them but that he had them. We now know that, in fact, he did not have weapons of mass destruction. And we also know, George Bush thought of alternative plans to invade Iraq, knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction. For example, it is been revealed through the Downing Street memo that George W Bush thought to paint a fighter jet in United Nations colors and if Saddam Hussein shot the plane down that would be an excuse to invade Iraq. That would be legal justification to invade the country. If you are afraid of an enemy the last thing you want to do is to provoke them. But, that's exactly will judge W. Bush attempted to do. However, when no one went along with that he lied anyway and told us that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. I bring that up as an explanation for why you shouldn't allow your pastor to suggest for whom you should vote. Because to many Christians, George Bush was a righteous Christian. When in fact, he was one of the greatest war criminals in modern history.

Therefore, in my opinion, it was wrong for Christians to suggest we should vote for such a man. With detainees, the Bush administration broke all torture treaties and engaged in barbaric practices to include waterboarding, rectal feeding, humiliation, stress positions, threats against prisoner's families, sleep deprivation, and other forms of heinous war crimes. Now, I know people will say the terrorists do much worse than what we do, but we are not terrorists. We have the greatest military in the world, so there is no reason for us to practice torture when we can rain down bombs on them. It is incumbent upon us to engage in practices that are humane once the enemy is caught. So, do not tell me for whom to vote.

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