Monday, March 14, 2016

Theodore Shoebat: Opposing Donald Trump is Satanic!

Theodore Shoebat, an anti-gay activist, posted a video Friday in which he railed against the Religious Right for not supporting the hateful racist, bigot, Donald J. Trump; he accused fellow numbskulls of supporting Muslims and sodomites instead of standing with the loose cannon, Donald Trump.  Let's get one thing straight; Theodore  Shoebat is the son of Wally Shoebat, the self-proclaimed former Palestinian terrorist. However, investigative reporters found out that Shoebat was never a terrorist as he claims and a bank he claims he intended to blow up, but was caught by police, didn't happen, and there are no records of Shoebat's arrest or incident at the bank in question. Shoebat has made hundreds of thousands of dollars on his false claim and speaking as an anti-terrorist expert telling his false story. He's also, thrown all his former Muslim friends under the bus by claiming they all hate America. Furthermore, an investigative journalist also questioned the Shoebat "foundation;" what services it provided, but it was never made clear what services the organization provides. When asked about his organization which allegedly helps Christians in the Middle East Shoebat combatively, refused to answer any questions about the foundation. Many believe he pockets the money and provides no services to the Christians in the Middle East save lip-service. Shoebat contends there's a conspiracy, a Satanic conspiracy to snag the potential Republican nomination from the billionaire real estate mogul, Donald Trump. This thinking is not a conspiratorial, at all. I guess.

Shoebat doesn't understand Trump is playing off the emotions and fears of people like himself. I doubt Trump believes much of what he says. Don't get me wrong, Trump is a racist and against anyone not like himself, but the way Donald does it appeals to the worst of human nature and not to the rational expectation of a respectable political figure. In other words, he encourages people to show their frustrations in the most dangerous ways possible. And, maybe it's because he feels he's above the law and to hell with what happens to you. It's odd a Christian is supporting a man on his third marriage. A man who says he never asks for forgiveness, insisting he's a great person. It's odd a Christian would support a man who misquotes Bible verses and dispensations within the Bible. It's weird that Shoebat would back a  guy who encourages physical violence at his rallies. I mean, we're talking about, Donald Trump, a man who disparages women and ethnic minorities. As despicable as Trump is, Shoebat is worse for pretending to be outraged that people stand up to the bully. So, Shoebat's recognition as being the son of a former terrorist who found Jesus and was saved is himself, a liar. Well, they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Finally, Trump is a bad dude. He puts on the Christian cloak as though it's authentic. I am not judging whether he's a Christian or not, but I will say what he says is not Christlike. I find that troubling. No one is perfect, and we all hold personal views that differ from one another, and that's fine. But, what's not fine is using our differences to encourage violence instead of strength through love. Shoebat has made several videos mocking homosexuals, but no one sounds gayer than himself. As is his conspiracy theory, Theodore Shoebat is a clown.

"The evangelicals who are going against Donald Trump are part of a satanic conspiracy," he stated. "When you have sodomites, Black Muslims and Muslims, and La Raza supremacists, when you've got white homosexual elites and socialists like the Bernie Sanders crowd, when you've got all these guys getting together to go against one man, the Devil is working something. This is a satanic conspiracy to stop Trump." (1).

1). Kyle Mantyla. (14 March 2016). Theodore Shoebat; 'The Is A Satanic Conspiracy To Stop Trump.' Right Wing Watch. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/theodore-shoebat-satanic-conspiracy-stop-trump#sthash.fjPdRuF4.dpuf

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