Tuesday, March 29, 2016

There's A Surge In Hate Against Christian Around The World.

If you haven't noticed,  you're simply not paying attention to the influx of vitriol towards Christians. As we tip-toe around offending Muslims in American,  the favor is not reciprocated throughout the world; predominantly,  the Middle East. As Americans we have found ourselves giving into political correctness over our own self-interest. I mean, in Pakistan for example, the people are pushing for Herscher blasphemy laws. Laws that prevent any discussion against Islam, would be a crime. Often such crimes are punishable white death. One has to convert back to Islam or face lashes, extreme jail sentences, or the death penalty. These laws go against Western values in that, we as westerners believe and freedom of religion and not forced religion but we are free to practice a religious beliefs as we see fit. There are no penalties for converting to religion or having no religion at all. It seems as though we in the West bend over backwards for people who couldn't care less about our religious beliefs, about our Freedom's, about our way of life, and about the values that we hold dear as free human beings to make up our own minds as to who we will serve. Now, America makes up roughly 70% of the Christian population so there's no shortage of religious belief in the United States. What there is a shortage of in the Middle East is the ability to Grant the same rights that westerners hold dear to its citizens and to its religious minorities. Last week, in Pakistan there was a suicide bombing that killed 70 people, injuring nearly 300 people. Who were these people you ask? They were Christians celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and for that, the Taliban believes they deserve the death penalty. For celebrating the resurrection of the son of God, the Prince of peace, that was enough to get them the death penalty. Please think about that for a moment, people celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ were murdered by cold-blood by thugs. And these callous criminals where islamist extremists, wake up.

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