Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump is Bringing Out The Worst In Racist Americans.

In the United States, you're free to vote for the person of your choice. But, this point in American politics is unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. What do I mean? The way Donald Trump supports violence against those who disagree with him with such hate and vitriol; committing violent acts as Trump encourages violence at his rallies against protestors. And, he's been able to gain support from right-wing groups who hate blacks and all minorities for that matter. Some pretend America is their land. Well, you're a guest here. A citizen legally, but morally, a guest. I think Donald Trump is no different from any far right wing extremism. In their eyes, he's a savior of sorts, to save the so-called "white" race. Just last week, David Duke, former Klansmen, indicated that it was treason to whites not to vote for Trump. So, white supremacist
s, white nationalists, white separatists, neo-nazis, and other right wing conspiracy theorists endorsing Trump should cause concern among rational thinking Americans.

Trump is the creation of right wing propaganda. They've created this monster through years of fear and dissension with the political establishment. However, don't let anyone fool you, Trump is a part of the creation, he's worked with Congress his entire life to secure business deals and receive other favors. However, the narrative he's selling is, America is horrible, and it's Obama's fault. With his subtle and not so subtle racial implication against the president, he's galvanized racists previously hiding in the shadows.

Without a single explicit proposal, Donald Trump gained the support of people not based on substance, but pulling on the strings of the worst of fears, racism, bigotry and sense the "white" race is disappearing. And, not only that the white race is going, but that he will be the one to bring whites to the forefront without regard for minorities. In other words, he's floating white nationalism combined with staunch fascism to enthusiastic whites. The real estate billionaire claims he will build a wall along the Mexican border, and Mexico will pay for the fence. Which implies that he's will to use his whiteness as a tool to get what he wants from whom he wants Mexico repeatedly stated, they will not pay for a wall. But, Trump continues to use the same verbiage and his supporters aren't swayed by Mexicos response. They, Trump supporters, honestly believe Mexico will build a wall along the border. Let me burst your bubble that isn't happening. Mexico will do no such thing.

He's in no doubt gain support from sellout Hispanic, Muslims because very few blacks would fall in line with his clear, blatant racist ideology or narrative he's pushing. Playing off white fear is appealing to Trump supporters. He says the things they say behind closed doors. It's this idea that everyone else is to blame for their socioeconomic status, thus, the correct people to blame are the Hispanics, Muslims, and African Americans. Although nonsensical, this message is provocative to the majority of Trump's supporters.

I agree there are many problems in America. However, the best in humanity will never be brought out by probing for the worst in human nature. It's human nature to seek to advance, but there's a way in which to enact that hope for a brighter f. Republican, right wing radio, white nationalist rhetoric, and white evangelical fundamentalism created the Republican presidential front-runner candidate. So, let's not pretend the image of this man's appeal came out of left field. And, now that he's arrived, the great white hope, the white evangelicals are both perplexed and interested. White evangelicals, as they call themselves, seek "traditionalism" which in essence is a revision of history.

 A campaign based on hate will divide, and anyone suggesting otherwise must agree hate somehow unites. In the end, hate backfires and pulling the mask of hate off exposes an ulterior motive of Trump's blatant manipulation; playing on the emotions of the silent racists.

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