Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Banning AR-15s, Or Any Variation Thereof, Is A Must When Considering Gun Regulation

Banning AR-15s, or any variation thereof, is a must when considering gun regulation. These high-powered guns are designed to kill - that is their purpose. Sure, people use them for sports & target practice. And, of course, people worry gun control is a slippery slope. But what's not a slippery slope is the number of deaths at everything from school shootings to music venues to theaters to concerts. As a society, we should consider an assault weapons ban. Those who currently have them may keep them, how nice of us, but no future sells of the killing machines.

Although lately, public opinion has been shifting to implementing some gun control regulations, it's not for sure whether this is a current trend that will pass until the next massacre. Either way, some people don't see these murder machines as justified in a civil society. Most gun enthusiasts think any regulation leads to the government kicking in their door and taking their weapons whereby turning American into a Communist police state. I am not kidding that is what some of these right-wingers think. But, they are wrong. No one wants their guns. That's a fear tactic - that works very well by the way. In fact, many gun owners have the same fear of government coming for their guns because they've been lied to.

So, when Religious Right Pastor Pat Robertson said it's time to ban assault weapons. I took notice of his sentiment because that's out of step with mainstream conservatism. Changing public opinion is the start of changing policies.

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch: Robertson explains.

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