Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Before The Florida High School Shooting, Gun Owners of American Bragged About Killing Gun Control Legislation

In light of the school shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, it's worth noting conservative groups, who refuse to acknowledge gun violence plagues American streets & schools; Gun Owners of America's GOA’s legislative counsel, Michael Hammond, joined The Gun Owners News Hour program Saturday to brag about defeating gun control efforts after mass shootings, including the Sandy Hook slaughter, the Las Vegas massacre, and the Texas church shooting. Michael joined Larry Pratt discussing their success in shooting down, pun indented, Bill Clinton's semi-automatic assault weapons ban in the 1990s, which Geroge W. Bush let expire. Even after the Columbine travesty, conservatives didn't want gun control. Instead, Mr. Pratt and Mr. Hammond blamed the "liberal media" for inspiring "copycat shooters" by covering the carnage, the two hypothesized that talking about gun violence inspires disturbed people to shoot up venues. Some gun owners, the gun lobby, in particular, don't want folks to see the mass shootings because it makes it all-too-real, people know it's just a matter of time before a massacre comes to a venue near them.

Right Wing Watch explains:

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