Tuesday, February 13, 2018

David Brody Miserably Fails In His Attempt To Christianize Donald Trump

An essential part of the Christian faith is knowing a person is broken; that sin has distanced themselves from God; and that the only way to be reconciled to God is through Jesus Christ. Through His blood, shed on the cross, we find forgiveness through repentance or a person changing their mind to put their faith in Christ, who died and three days later rose from the dead conquering sin and death.

A new book alleging details of Trump's faith written by David Brody, the White House correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, presents a fictional portrait of Trump's faith in Christ. Donald Trump, himself, said he never asks God for forgiveness, which is a critical part of the Christian faith. Without forgiveness of sin, we cannot please God, or even know who God is because the object of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ, the sacrificial lamb for sin. If sin is not acknowledged a savior is not needed.

With Donald Trump admitting he doesn't ask God for forgiveness, it's difficult to paint Trump as an authentic Christian. No one, and I mean no one, believes Christians are perfect; far from it. Christians realize Christ, the object of faith, is the sticking point of the picture we face every day; like a mirror of ourselves reminding us He paid for sin, which means Christians, no one, is perfect.

David Brody on Tuesday morning sought to make his case supporting Donald Trump's (false) spiritual conversion -- saying Donald Trump privately acknowledges Christ as his savior. Privately? The Bible says that if you deny God in public, he will also deny you. Either the guy in the Oval Office has the worst spiritual advisors or Trump's words ring as hollow as his support for victims of domestic violence. In which case, his faith is worthless. Take a look at Trump's twitter feed and ask yourself if that's a man of spiritual character. Again, people aren't perfect, but Trump makes false allegations against former presidents, lies about the women accusing him of sexual misconduct; has never apologized to the cleared Central Park Five members, who Trump wanted the death penalty for -- yet now he talks of "due process"?

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough asked Mr. Brody why evangelicals voted for Donald. Brody Christians viewed Trump as sent by God; someone to fight a culture war; place pro-life justices on the court and protect religious freedom. I am a Christian and love Jesus, I am not an evangelical in the modern sense, but I love Christ. However, Donald Trump is not even a good example of an atheist, because even atheists know it's morally not okay to punch women in the face or grab women by the genitals.

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