Thursday, February 15, 2018

Don't Count On Republicans To Fix Gun Laws: Flip The House Blue For Action

As the country wakes up to another school shooting, this time in Parkland, Florida, we face a choice; will we do anything to help prevent future school massacres or will people say nothing could have prevented this atrocity. Already, people offer thoughts and prayers, which is fine, but if thoughts and prayers alone could fix gun violence, these massacres would have stopped long ago. Obviously, Congress must act because thoughts and prayers aren't working to fix the problem. If you want thoughts and prayers, go to church. Republicans will not protect you from gun violence, so come November, flip the House to Blue; at least you'll get action on gun reform while also keeping people's right to protect themselves.

Politicians have an obligation to protect citizens, so do something instead of letting the dust settle and move on until the next school shooting. The Florida high school mass shooting counts as the 18th of 2018, and it's Feburary. The Second Amendment has limitations; the intention of gun rights didn't include unfettered access to assault weapons for people to wake into schools or venues of any kind and shoot dead innocent people. Until Congress decides not to take money from the NRA or other gun lobbies, these shootings will continue.   

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