Monday, February 12, 2018

Far-Right Evangelical Christians Are The Least Loving Christians

Evangelical Christians embracing Donald Trump show everything wrong with religion. An absence of critical thinking skills, spiritual abuse fills the void of reason. For decades, right-wing Christians sought to overtake the government starting at the local level and infiltrating the highest positions in the country. Numerous radical right-wing conservative groups push for roles entering public schools; infesting cultural appreciation; ravaging inclusiveness, and playing the victims card.

Most evangelical Christians assume because by design opposing secularist means the opposition comes from both ways. Conservative project their misguided positions as the weakness of their determined enemies.

I dare say far-right evangelicals leave reasoning skills to their pastor or conservative leaders. From a young age, fundamentalist conservatives teach their flock to distrust liberals and so-called secularists as the devil is their father. In fact, far-right evangelical Christianity is the least loving form of Christianity.

After 19 women accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and even rape, it's a wonder why anyone calling themselves a Christian could vote for this man. But, they rationalize it away with irrational critical thinking skills; we need a conservative supreme court justice; we need someone who will push for traditional family values; we need someone to protect the Second Amendment, so rationalizing sexual abuse, racism, and a history of stiffing employers didn't matter to them.

Most of these conservative, who voted for Trump, claim to vote for policies was more important than the man they voted for. Regardless of how Donald Trump's policies hurt the rest of American, so long as their far-right agenda is secured, that's all that matters.

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