Friday, February 16, 2018

Repeal The Second Amendment

After the recent school shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school, it's worth having a conversation about gun control. What is gun control? That word, gun control, alone is an abstract term. People want to ban bump stocks accessories for assault rifles. Others want to implement thorough background checks, which include mental health screening. Others want the emotionally ill on a list, so gun shops know not to sell guns to them. Others want an outright ban on assault weapons. And others ask for folks to register their firearms in a database, get insurance for their guns; and pass gun safety courses. Some want to repeal the Second Amendment. Repealing the Second Amendment isn't an option without a Constitutional amendment; that'll never happen. People have a right to protect themselves in their home.

Before he left office, President Obama signed an executive order requiring severely mentally ill folks on a database -- barring them from gaining access to guns. Donald Trump repealed the executive order as his first act as president. With that in mind, it's difficult to hear the same Trump talk about mental health when he reversed the Obama-era protection for the psychologically disturbed.

Remember the NRA contributed $30 million to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The question of Russian money laundering through the NRA exists; why did the Russian nationals pour millions of dollars into the gun (blood stained) lobby? Be sure, the money to the National Rifle Association wasn't an accident.

Again, of course, the Second Amendment cannot be repealed, but that doesn't mean the amendment is unlimited as some suggest. As with any amendment, restrictions to apply; regardless of what your politician or the NRA say, your right to bear arms shouldn't infringe on the right of people to live.

The question of the limitation of the Second Amendment must be reviewed by lawmakers and the Supreme Court. Vote out politicians, who take money from the gun lobby, who support the NRA; vote them out.

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