Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Term 'Gun Control' Is An Abstract Concept; So What Does It Mean?

When we on the left talk about gun control, being specific is a must. Control in and of itself is an abstract concept; a variation of ideas for common sense gun reform is multifaceted. Gun reform could mean different ideas to different groups, who might have alternative concepts for firearms safety.

Weapon reform includes everything from strict federal background checks to a ban on assault weapons. Now, when you say a ban on high-powered rifles, pro-gun groups ask what classifies as an assault weapon. In most of these mass shootings, the primary weapon used is an AR-15, weapons that can shoot multiple people within seconds cannot be legal. I propose a ban on AR-15's or any variation thereof. Then people ask whether that means attempting to confiscate firearms from people. No. What would happen, in a perfect world, is the cease of the sale of these weapons from this point forward. AR-15 style weapons already in circulation would be grandfathered into this reform. People, who have these guns legally, would be able to keep them. These guns would need to be registered in a database, so we know exactly where they are & that they are in fact owned legally. If, however, you have in possession an AR-15 unlawfully, you would turn the weapon in to a local police department or have it removed from your home. In the same way, we have ICE sending undocumented human beings back to their birth home, once it's known a gun is possessed illegally, authorities would remove the gun. It sounds harsh, right? But, if you bought a gun illegally or have in your possession illegally, that is a reason to have the firearm removed.

Another issue people, who talk about gun control infer is limiting high capacity magazines, which can shoot, in some cases, hundreds of rounds quickly. Limit the magazines to 10-20 rounds.

Additionally, have gun owners purchase insurance for their guns, like health care insurance, or car insurance, to protect life if for some reason people die as a result of a shooting etc., and register firearms with local authorities, not a federal government database, but a local file as proof of insurance, so authorities know who has weapons of war insured. But the FBI or ATF would still have access to this information in case of emergency.

Also, require people with mental illness to report their diagnoses on a background check. If the mental illness is severe, don't sell the gun to them. While it's true not everyone with a mental illness will report it; prosecutors should be able to bring charges against a person who omits such information, or a gun shop who doesn't do a thorough  background check on an applicant.

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