Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trump's Rhetoric Almost Got Black Michigan Middle School Students Murdered

Since Trump entered the political fray, toxic rhetoric towards ethnic minorities, religious minorities; and people of alternative sexual orientation have become targets of the Religious Right, who see themselves as culture warriors. The term "Value Voters" rationalized conservatives voting for a man credibly accused of sexual assault and worse. But, a pro-life supreme court justice; protecting the second amendment, expanding religious freedom; and preserving traditional family values created a loophole for Trump's horrible behavior.

The Religious Right led-by the likes of Franklin Graham; Jerry Fallwell Jr., Paula White and other evangelical Christian (frauds) claim God picked Donald Trump to lead the country; the value voter folks feel emboldened to push their interpretation of the Bible to make policy; deny human rights; create division among ethnic minorities. Anti-immigration rhetoric plays a huge role in pushing class warfare and a divide and conquer approach to governance wherein some people matter and others don't.

Which brings us to a story out of Michigan, two teens received a disturbing email from a classmate threatening them with, among other things, death -- repeatedly calling them niggers; bashing Black Lives Matter; claiming White Lives Matter, and telling the teens their children will die, or go back to Africa, because of course, Blacks aren't citizens. But, this language is the result of Donald Trump planting the seeds of resentment, bigotry, hate, and bashing political correctness without substituting "reason" for political correctness, people say whatever comes to mind even if it's hateful, bigoted, or irrational.

RawStory explains:

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