Friday, March 23, 2018

In Drag, Former Pastor Finds Peace | NBC Left Field

Former Pastor Zach Coleman, who by all accounts, unfortunately, hates himself, used to preach against homosexuality and even told people God cured him of his same-sex attraction. He now says he was living a lie. His attraction for other men didn't go away. Trying to convince himself he was better, he wanted people to believe God changed him. However, his sexual attraction did not change. Overcompensating for an issue Coleman felt conflicted about & denying it - makes him a hypocrite.

Whether you agree with homosexuality, it's disingenuous that people preach against it; but are themselves gay. Usually, the people who speak out against homosexuality the most have some 'sugar in their gas tank.'

After coming out to his parents, Zach left his church and headed for New York where he is a drag queen - Zach's stage name is "Stella." When he talks of Stella, he mentions her in third-person, which doesn't make sense if he's happy with his decision to be a drag queen.

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