Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Institutional Racism: Are You For Real?

The topic of institutional racism is a complicated one. Conservatives overwhelmingly reject the insinuation of such bigotry. The government, not individuals, are responsible for institutional racism - because by definition it's institutional. For the sake of this argument, let's use a generic police department. Some say structural racism is a myth. Others claim, yes it exists, but it's not a real problem. Sure, people may have an implicit bias, but those are just thoughts, and we cannot punish people because of what they think, and if people who have negative opinions about a group of people aren't racist unless they act on those bias beliefs, they say. Others suggest whites, who patrol black neighborhoods more than whites do so because Blacks commit a lot of crime. Usually, people commit crimes to the people close to them; therefore, blacks don't commit more crimes against whites than vice-versa. I state that because it's a common argument against Blacks. Although many websites have an ulterior motive to propagate the myth of black on white crime. Just a side note.

It's not comfortable to admit; therefore, most white conservatives reject that institutional racism as a problem. These conservatives are not racist; just unaware that the problem is authentic. It's just blacks complaining about the disproportionate crime committed by African-Americans, they say.


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