Saturday, March 31, 2018

Laura Ingraham Finds Out Mocking Kids Is A Fire-able Offence

Earlier this week, Fox News' host Laura Ingraham poked fun at one of the teen survivors from the Parkland, Florida high school mass shooting; she soon found out, that mistake would cost her an exodus of advertisers. People are sick of the mean-spirited belittling of victims/survivors. It wasn't just that Laura attacked a high school student, it was the reason why. Hogg has a 4.2 GPA; something anyone would be proud of - but Ingraham slammed the child for not being accepted to four colleges for which he applied. Nevermind the fact that over the past six weeks, he's buried 17 classmates and become a national spokesman for a movement on ending gun violence particularly in schools, which has morphed into advocating for gun safety throughout the country.

Laura is used to provocation without consequence. After seeing advertisers leave her show, she gave a non-apology, in which she discussed "Holy Week" and how she regretted if anyone was offended by her comments. Instead of saying, that was a stupid thing to say & I shouldn't have said it. Despite our disagreements on policy, I shouldn't personally attack someone. I am an adult with a show a significant viewership, and I should have known better; I deeply regret my error in judgment.

Of course, that human sentiment was too much for the talk show host. Conservatives have this strange obsession with not apologizing because they feel it makes them look weak. Sometimes an apology makes you look intelligent and responsible for your actions. Apologizing doesn't mean you dismiss your policy beliefs.

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