Tuesday, March 27, 2018

No, The Second Amendment Shouldn't Be Repealed.

Although I do not support military-style weapons on the streets, schools, or other venues, we can't win an argument when the first option is an all-out gun ban. What's important to discuss is what the majority of Americans agree on - that's an excellent place to start.

Coming from a military background, conservative family, I, vaguely, understand the gun culture. How seriously folks take these rights. When the country elected Barak Obama in 2008, conservatives shit themselves saying Obama intended to confiscate their firearms. The sale of weapons increased to an all-time high. During his eight years, Obama didn't take a single gun. Since Obama left office, gun sales significantly dropped. Fear is the number one factor in getting folks to purchase firearms. When Republicans mention forced gun removal, conservatives run to the nearest gun dealer and buy more guns. My conservative grandfather was among those bamboozled by conservative racist dog-whistles and fearmongering that the black guy was seconds away from taking their arsenal. None of this was true. And. Republicans, the corrupt, National Rifle Association knew Obama didn't plan on removing guns; but their rhetoric worked.

Now that Trump is in office and said he'd be their most crucial champion, they have no one scare gun enthusiasts.

Even though the Second Amendment shouldn't be repealed, we can implement common-sense measures to help combat gun violence.

Gun Training

Similar to taking drivers ed, those owning a firearm should have a gun license, which includes training; a written and a hands-on test, which a weapons trainer will grade.

A Psychological Test

A person seeking a gun permit should have a note from an on-site doctor stating he/she does not have "several" mental health issues.

Gun Insurance

Like car insurance, if you want to purchase an open carry/concealed carry permit, you must have insurance in the case of accidental or unjustified shooting, for anyone wrongly hurt.

Assault Weapons Ban

We should ban all assault weapons. Weapons of war have no place on American streets. People use assault weapons for most mass shootings. If folks want to fire assault weapons and play G.I. Joe, join the military.

People say "but ... but ... but Chicago! While it is true Chicago is known for excessive gun violence, one has to ask where do people get these guns? The guns don't come from Chicago. Most of the guns flooding Chicago streets come from nearby states like Indiana with lax gun laws. So, the argument of "criminals will always get guns" sounds like a great argument except the guns coming from border states are a result of lax gun laws.

We can respect the Second Amendment and the right to live in a country without weapons of war flooding American streets.

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