Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Religious Right-wing Nut: Christians Must Become Radical To Support Corrupt Trump!

Idiot rightwing Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown, instructs Christians to become radicals. Christians must become radical to save America and its corrupt Oval Office resident, Brown claims. The globalists, who Trump is aligned with, seek to destroy America. Why is it with these people some grand conspiracy exists? One day these people will understand how damnable their behavior is - to scare people to death, vulnerable people who listen to these crackpots refuse to view information with skepticism.

If it were another religion - say, Islam -do you know what the response would be - we'd be Middle Eastbound to bomb some Muslim-majority country.

Suddenly all of these sick-bastard rightwing Christians think we ought to pray for (this) president. With Obama, he was a Marxist, Communist, Muslim, Antichrist & we should pray for his death. But with the corrupt, wicked Trump, we need to become radical to protect him.

These people make a mockery of Christians, but then again, the religious right has always created the illusion of Christ, with self-righteousness. Christians who support Trump will go down in the ashes of a twisted history they will forever own.

I always have to clarify this; I am a Christian; I just despise right-wing hypocrites.

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