Friday, April 6, 2018

Christian Author To Parents: Bible Doesn't Mention Immunizations - So Don't Get Them!

A woman made a video claiming since the Bible avoided the topic of vaccination, so should you. Just because certain words aren't in the Bible, doesn't mean the concept isn't there. Remember, the word Trinity isn't, specifically, in the Bible, yet the concept is present - and essential Christian doctrine.

Avoiding vaccination for personal preferences is one thing, but to push impressionable people to follow is preposterous.

When an outbreak of measles and pertussis, vaccinations not only protect children but spreading the diseases to others. Thus, a matter of public safety. Since this country is founded, in part, on religious freedom, some people act irrationally. At the end of the day, the anti-vax crowd doesn't resist because of religious reasons - rather political. "I won't be told what to do by the big bad government!" Or, "I am not putting aluminum in my body!" In opposition to fascism, and being told what to do, people use religious excuses to avoid mandated shots. To be clear: shots should not be mandated, but not misrepresented either.

Because of the parents' lack of sense, the children suffer. But, many passionately disagree with that sentiment. Look, parents shouldn't have to vaccinate their children if they choose not to, but when they get sick, we ask that you not place them with children whose parents did the responsible thing and treated their children. Americans should ask themselves whether their religious objection makes biblical sense? Meaning, the Bible doesn't mention a lot of things we know about the modern world to include medical care. Yet, believing God gave doctors the ability to heal is biblical.

As for adults and vaccinations, you have the ability to choose; children do not.

If vaccinations are that important, the woman claimed, the Bible would have included immunizations. Scriptures aren't meant to be considered a health-book, or a science (in general) book. It is a spiritual reflection of God's character and divine nature -- through His Son, Jesus Christ. The second person of the Trinity, which again that word isn't in the Bible, yet it is true.

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