Tuesday, April 3, 2018

'Coach' Dave Daubenmire Is Obsessed With Gay Sex

Mr. Daubenmire suggests parents drag their children out of public school because of the sexual deviance, he alleges, being taught to kids. It's ironic that he wants parents to remove kids from public schools when he was a public school football coach. Now, why do I sayDave might have gay tendencies? First, anyone bashing gays as much as he does has some sugar in his gas tank. No logically thinking person has time to wonder what homosexuals are doing in their bedroom. Internet Pastor Dave often thinks about gay sex. Sometimes, he thinks about gay sex more than homosexuals do. No one sees this as a problem?

It's almost as if Dave plays to the lowest common denominator of society.

During a 'Pass The Salt' podcast, right-wing pastor 'coach' Dave said masturbation is an act of homosexuality. He claims people can twist it however they want to but - masturbation is of the devil, and promotes same-sex attraction. Dave contends masturbation is having sex with a man. And, the devil wants you to masturbate to push you toward homosexuality.

Dave is also known to encourage bullying of homosexuals. His defense, you ask? The word bully is a politically correct word used to violate Christians right to bully "sissies."

If you haven't noticed, the biggest bullies usually have the most complicated life on earth. Most bullies bully for attention, or to deflect from other issues in their lives. Is Pastor Dave an undercover homosexual? If so, that's his business, but he should reevaluate his position on judging others.

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