Friday, April 6, 2018

Kevin Williamson Was Not Fired For Opposition To Abortion

Being against abortion is one thing, but calling for the murder of women who have one is pathetic and child-like. An exchange of ideas, obviously, include takes with which we disagree. The substance of a debate should encompass the merits & facts. Outlandish fantasies of murdering women who have abortions turn civil discourse into a circus - because no one can take you seriously.

A free flow diverse exchange of ideas at college campuses, social media, or publications is essential to connecting with people on a civil level.

About three weeks ago, the left-leaning publication The Atlantic hired Kevin Williamson. An outspoken conservative, who could possibly bring opposing ideas to the newspaper. The Atlantic fired Williamson because of backlash over Kevin's previous comments, podcast, claiming women who have abortions should face execution. Even far Right pro-life groups pushed back on that idea - saying pro-life means pro-life.

Kevin wanted to punished women by humiliation and pain. If these ideas line up with today's modern-conservatism, they're in trouble.

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