Monday, April 9, 2018

Mid-Terms Will Be A Litmus Test For Medicare-For-All

With the November mid-term elections coming, Republican candidates plan to run on the economy, of which much thanks goes to former-President Barak Obama, and avoid talk of repealing the current healthcare law - instead, they plan to scare voters with the "socialized healthcare takeover" verbiage.

However, to many people, Obamacare is a lifeline. Republicans in some states introduced work requirements to maintain Medicaid coverage; which is the healthcare program covering millions of low-income folks. For some, the idea of taking their healthcare under any circumstance is cruel - and it just might swing ordinary Republican voters to switch based on their need for healthcare and jobs.

The Democratic Party is back on track. The Party is building a ground game and a message as the Party of and for the working class, not corporations. Republicans passed their $1.5 trillion tax cut for the rich, leaving millions of Americans to pick up the slack through higher healthcare costs and reductions in the safety social net.

These moves to hurt ordinary Americans reiterates the original idea of Republicans as the party for corporations and wealthy campaign donors. Republicans get elected by promising to end abortion, have a powerful military, end gay marriage & support Christianity. It's a con-job pushed on Americans for decades. If they can get us to fight over a bathroom bill, while Republicans pick your pockets, you'll never know they are robbing the middle-class or what used to be middle-class. Republicans give the illusion of "family values" to divide Americans.

November may be a litmus test for a Medicare for all system of healthcare.

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