Friday, April 27, 2018

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child: What Does It Mean?

Some people take this passage literally. (Proverbs 13:24). And, spank their children often with whatever they can get their hands on - but does the Bible tell you to beat your kids? One man, Henk Koelewijn, a 59-year-old, in the Netherland claims God commands he hit his 19 children with wooden sticks.The man, charged with beating his children, claims innocence through his deeply-held religious beliefs. Henk allegedly molested his 11-year-old daughter and locked some of his children in rooms without food or water for hours on end. Additionally, Mr. Koelewinjn threatened his 12-year-old son with a chainsaw and threatened to shoot the kids.

While many Christians (not me) find spanking children appropriate, they would never "beat" them. I strongly oppose physical punishment. I think it's counterproductive.

Often, the Bible uses hyperbolic language, meant figurative, not literal. The Proverb referenced disciplining children. Parents use healthy correction to show their children right from wrong, that doesn't mean physical punishment. Discipline is intended to show children aren't above reproach and they're accountable for their actions.

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