Monday, April 2, 2018

Ted Nugent - Who Shit Himself To Get Out Of Vietnam - Attacks Parkland Shooting Survivors

Vietnam draft dodger and wannabe tough guy, Ted Nugent has come under fire for asserting the kids fighting for gun control have no soul. Keep in mind; Ted is a board member of the National Rifle Association. The Right refuses to debate policy. Of course, years of inaction by adults sparked a movement, in which teenagers took charge of the gun control debate - forcing the gun lobby to respond.  Instead of refuting what the children say based on logic & reason, they lob personal attacks, which seem unbecoming of adults let alone a board member for the NRA.

After calling the Parkland shooting survivors soulless, scum. He made another video whining that he's the victim of bullies. He twisted the kid's message of gun control to gun confiscation. No one at the 'March For Our Lives' rally called for gun confiscation, so that's a lie and he knows it. But, people who don't see the kid's position will take Ted's word for it - and bash the kids as gun haters; or call them Liberal Democrats, as if that were a bad thing.

If Nugent is the board member for the NRA, and he is, what does that say about the organization as a whole?

Often the NRA says we should arm teachers, hell we should arm everyone, sell more guns - that's always the answer to mass shootings. The NRA doesn't represent most gun owners; they represent gun manufacturers.

Most folks have nothing against the members; it's the corrupt organization spewing propaganda to scare people into buying more guns. Fear is the most significant seller of firearms.

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