Monday, December 10, 2018

Trump's Rise To The White House Had Little To Do With "Economic Anxiety"

Trump voters didn't care about "economic anxiety" as much as racial, societal changes to a country they didn't recognize. And. Donald Trump did an excellent job of capitalizing on the fear, racial anxiety that his supporters expressed. Donald Trump, who used to be a Democrat, used Democratic talking points to attract voters. He talked about blowing up "unfair" trade deals, a Democratic policy. Trump talked about guaranteeing Americans health care at an affordable price; again, a Democratic goal. Trump talked about bringing jobs home from abroad, a Democratic priority, not a Republican vision. To appease racists, Trump salted his platform with racism. White nationalists cling to the Trump campaign because of his stance on immigration; building a wall to keep brown people out of this country.

Using a divided country, Donald Trump took advantage of white America finding their power slipping to minorities. Not true, but to conservatives, it made sense. Someone else is to blame for the problems of this country, and it indeed wasn't good white folks.

Trump painted a picture of an America that never existed. In his painting, Americans, whites had a perfect utopia and blacks, Hispanics knew their role. His whole shtick, Make America Great Again played on Ronald Reagen's campaign slogan, a racist dog-whistle to disenfranchised white working-class men. It was the Southern Strategy on steroids. Seek angry whites, Democrats, and build a coalition of angry people to rush to the polls.
Moreover, Donald Trump sought and received Religious Right political figures to drag evangelical Christians to vote, against their interests, for a man who's not Christian in the least, yet they claim God elected Trump. And, they honestly believe God stepped in to choose Trump. Therefore, anything Trump does, morally, doesn't matter because God cannot be wrong. I agree God cannot be corrupt, but humans can be and often are wrong.

Growing up, I went to church and had always aligned myself with the fundamental beliefs of the Christian theology. We didn't use the term "evangelical."  It wasn't a useful term, in that, it added nothing to the belief we had in Christ. Nonetheless, the root word means "good news." And to Christians, of course, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed, good news.

I study my Bible and pray daily. I didn't become aware of the strain of Christianity who referred to themselves as evangelical Christians. Nowadays the word is synonymous with conservative white Republican activist Christian. The definition of the word has changed.

Powerful, wealthy right-wing Christian leaders use this religious ideology to manipulate the emotions, religious inclinations of, mostly, white conservative Christians. In some instances, the wealthy Religious Right leaders gas-light congregants to confuse their outlook by replacing the poor behavior of President Trump with "God's will," which is that it is "God's will" Trump be elected. Far be it from God's will.

 The concerns over the term have increased with big-name evangelical Christian support of Donald Trump. Are right-wing words useful? What does it make the world, fellow citizens think about Christians? In my opinion, the politics of the Religious Right has become a thorn in the side of the average believer. Those who identify as Christians but want breathing room between right-wing political activism in the name of Christianity.

For the most part, the white conservative Christians focus on a few cultural issues, that I do not support in the political sense. Namely, opposing gay marriage; working to end abortion; defending gun rights; supporting 'school choice' which is nothing more than self-segregation; far-right religious extremism. Forcing the idea that America is a "Christian Nation" and promoting Christian Nationalism. Which is a way for the Religious Right to maintain we must support a specific interpretation of a particular strain of Christianity. That's not religious freedom. That's fascism.

Evangelicalism has become synonymous with white Christians, which leaves people of color out of the fold. Christianity isn't a white or black religion. Therefore, words that suggest otherwise are, indeed, counterproductive. It's not about political correctness; it's about seeing each other as equal.

 Christianity is about following Jesus; you don't need to use the term evangelical for affirming that position. Some Christians refer to themselves as evangelical, orthodox, red-letter Christian or progressive-Christian. All have the same core-principles; a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, the approach to following Christ and serving people varies. But at the end of the day, Christianity's core is Jesus Christ, not the Republican Party as is commonly understood.

Religious Right leaders used Christian patriotism, Christian nationalism to persuade evangelical Christians to vote for Trump claiming for the sake of patriotism; you must vote for Donald Trump because he will protect the country and preserve Christianity, which wasn't in danger in the first place. Fear and spiritual abuse endanger, not only Christians but society because it rips us apart.

Instead of thinking for themselves, most evangelical Christians voted for Trump despite 19 women accusing him of sexual ASSAULT; cheating on his pregnant wife cheating workers out of money; creating a fake school; lying about the first African-American president, who in exceeds Trump in respect alone.

The White House resident seeks to destroy presidential norms and solicit loyalty from those around him. Not just a friendly relationship, but the gangster ride-or-die loyalty. Because of this president, we have become desensitized to respect, humility, meaningful dialogue & respect for diverse opinions.

Donald Trump calls names and uses vulgarity to describe his political opponents and media personalities who call him out. This behavior serves no purpose in quashing economic anxiety.

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