Monday, May 7, 2018

Did Jesus Have Long Hair?

Often, portraits portray Christ with long hair. No doubt these portraits are to Europeanize Christ to take away from His ethnic origin. In some pictures, we see Jesus with blonde hair and blue eyes, which is absolutely counter to the historical Jesus of the 1st century.

In reality, Jesus Christ had dark skin, with hair of wool as described in the book of Revelations. (Rev 1:14) Are you ready white people: white folks don't have hair of wool, people of ethnic origin. Even the book of (1 Corinthians 11:14) explains that long hair for a man is a dishonor. If it is believed Christ dishonored the Father, you should believe Christ had long hair.

Further evidence of this when Judas went to identify Jesus, he kissed him because Jesus looked like everyone else. No one had long hair, not even Jesus. Christ was an average looking man. Jesus spent a lot of time outdoors doing what we'd consider manly work. It is doubtful Christ would wear long hair like a hippy.

Some believe biblical scholars removed references to Jesus ethnicity to focus on universality. The image below is an ethnic-European version of Christ.
Despite the lack of historical biblical reference, from the 2nd-century multiple theories about the appearance of Christ advanced. Focusing on Christ's appearance rather than ethnic background seemed the better goal. Arguments on both sides rage for centuries as we have no definitive biblical proof besides brief references to his hair and His origin of birth is key to determining the color of His skin if nothing else. In all likely hood, Christ had dark skin. He spent time in Africa, and the Bible explains He blended in with Africans.

It wasn't until later when Greek artists changed the appearance of Christ with unverified paintings from people with no direct knowledge of Christ except to persuade followers of Christ, He had light skin, which is false because of the location of His birth and life. But changing Christ's appearance was no accident. People wanted those considered subservient to whites to view Caucasians as a God type. What better way to improve Christ's presence than to give the visual impression of long blonde stringy hair.

In a picture from the third-century, an image of Christ has olive skin & no beard, common form Romans, but unheard of for Judean men.

Jesus examples represent a couple out there for people to research and come to a conclusion. 

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