Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Early Arguments About The Trinity (Part 1).

In comparing the consubstantiality of the divine persons to the consubstantiality of human persons, (330-379) the Cappadocian Fathers, who became the patriarch of Constantinople, asked their hearers to imagine three men, Peter, James, and John. As human beings, they tell us the three are identical; their humanity is one and the same; however, as unique human beings concretely existing, they are distinguished one from another as persons, as distinct hypostases each with their own names and personal characteristics, personalities, flaws and sin nature.

The mistake with this interpretation is the use of human bodies as a means to separate persons while misconstruing the essence of God. As all know, three  (bodies) cannot be one God. However, that is not what Christians believe. We do not presume three Persons as they describe. We do not believe that three Persons are separate, as (human) bodies are from each other.

For it could very well that all humans are under one mind because we have bodies as separate persons, but that is not human nature. Thus having no right to free will, love, compassion, hate, or other human emotions.

So much in life divides us as humans from the way we think to what we like the sports we watch to the education we seek to the religion in which we find the truth. Our experiences are really shared in the way that God's experience with the Trinity is; which is a reminder of how different the Triune nature of God is from that of human beings. Our emotions, moods, personal growth can fluctuate and change.

God does not change. God is incapable of lying. All three Persons of the Trinity have the same nature, unlike His created mankind. Metaphysical state of being is rooted in self-revelation of God in the divine economy, in the person of Christ; additionally, the activity of the Spirit.

 While the Trinity contains three persons, who possess different attributes, which distinguish one from another. However, the agreement between Trinity or substance of God is many because He is of one nature, one honor, and one eternity. Realize these attributes are not seen in humans, but rather in the Creator.

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