Tuesday, May 15, 2018

In The Trump Era, Decency Is DEAD!

In the era of Trump, decency, honesty, compassion & empathy makes one weak. The more erratic, the better chance a Republican has of getting elected. By saying the Democratic Party stands for nothing (not correct) - and insulting every minority group possible, the better a Republican's political career aspirations rise. That is to say, Trumpism infecting the Republican Party is the New GOP. Trump represents the Republican Party. For those who say Republicans used to be decent, shut up.

It's nothing less than disingenuous to insist compassionate Democrats who want to increase wages and make sure your kids have health care suddenly reflects bigotry, but a GOP politician ranting against illegal immigrants as rapists and criminals gain respect for "telling it like it is."

Trump calls the Russia Investigation a "witch hunt," however, with at least 19 indictments; three guilty pleas to include jail time for a lawyer who pleaded guilty to lying about contact with Russia, the investigation does not fit the definition of a witch hunt. To point out, for fun: no one in the Obama administration faced criminal proceedings nor did Obama need a lawyer.

With the election of Donald Trump, his supporters; the Republican base lost their minds - giving him a pass for sexual assault, something Democrats reject even for their own, stiffing workers, open-corruption, violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, to enrich his family, not tolerated under a Democratic President, is passed off as "they all do it." While that's not true, what is true is Donald Trump's promise to "Drain The Swamp" isn't happening. In fact, Trump is filling the swamp with unqualified family members, former torturers & people who hate the agencies they run. In effect, Trump cabinet members' goal is to destroy the agency they represent.

Earlier, I made a distinction between Trump voters and the Republicans to tie the groups together as one base. Because the Trump base is the Republican base, the difference is void.

Some Republican politicians, running in 2018, are already running Trumpian commercial advertisements; who can outdo the others' bigotry, divisiveness? Don't look at the massive tax breaks given that don't benefit the average worker; no look at how racist, pseudo-patriotic, while maintaining a strong sense of Christian patriotism.

Don't look at Trump's horrible policies or the fact that gas is over $3 a gallon; look at how Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jeruselum. What does that do for you and your family? Not one bit. People losing their health care left and right, who cares? Forget about the racist pastors enriching themselves in the Trump presidency. As you, evangelicals continue to do, look the other way. Ignore it.

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