Friday, May 25, 2018

Sandy Rios: Democrats Want Immigrants Because Socialism

Nowadays, conservatives use coded language to disguise their bigotry. Like Lee Atwater (video below) said in the 80s, paraphrasing, you used to be able to say nigger, nigger; but you cannot do that anymore because it hurts you politically. So, now you say forced busing, and tax reform; the message has the same purpose, it hurts blacks more than whites.

Nothing has changed; conservatives have found new words to describe their same old bigotry. Sandy Rios a conservative radio host implied Democrats advocate for liberal policies, which include taking in immigrants whereby ushering in socialism. Of course, Rios goes on to say Americans won't vote for socialism, so the Left needs to bring in proponents of the cause.

And who is Sandy going to bring into her argument? None other than Barack Obama -- ranting that Obama's policies brought in immigrants galore, which of course, is not true. When Obama left office more immigrants returned to Mexico than arrived. Rios' objection has to do with the color of immigrants skin more so than anything else.

A spike in immigrants seeking refugee status from South America shows us the vicious drug cartels, who take people seeking refuge under false pretense. Cartels make people pay money to get close to the border, some reports of rape and mistreatment don't deter them from seeking a better life.

Now, we all agree there has to be a border. No one advocates for a borderless nation. Yet that's just what far rightwingers claim.

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