Friday, May 11, 2018

The Alt-Right Is A Reflection Of Donald Trump

With the election of Donald Trump, right-wing groups came out of the shadows to outright show their true colors. White nationalists aren't a new phenomenon. It's no surprise white hate groups despise immigrants. For years, these white identity extremists hid in the shadows; with the election of Donald Trump, groups like the "Alternative Right" birthed into the mainstream dialogue. These right-wing groups, especially the alt-right, is a direct reflection of Donald Trump's campaign; his anti-immigrant message; he used racist verbiage to bring in suckers. Trump railed against African-Americans, called Mexicans rapists and criminals; all the while, evangelical Christians clung to the same message for different reasons. On the heels of a black president & fear of a changing country, Trump's message of anti-political correctness appealed to them.

The Alternative Right is a group of young white folks, mostly online, who claim to defend western civilization, oppose Islam, immigration and the declining patriarch of the white male.

The Alt-Right feeds on the social anxiety of who they call "social justice warriors"; commonly referred to as SJWs, who call for an inclusive society. The New Right randomly posts clips of SJWs triggered - triggered by anything such as pronouns to racism, anti-Semitic comments.


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