Friday, May 18, 2018

The United States Broke Its Deal To Broker Peace In The Middle East

A conservative Christian opinion piece writer claimed the Palestinians do not belong in Israel. Because of course, to him, Palestinians are not people. Going into a deep dive of all the factors and nuanced claims of the Palestinian people is not the point of this piece. The false political debate over the "rightful owner of the land" is nonsense. The fight over the land for evangelicals is a faith claim, not so much a political one. In fact, most Christians could not point on a map to where modern-day Palestine is; because of course, the religious right claims the land belongs to Israel.

Israel is the eternal home of the Jewish people. The only Jewish state in the world. Arabs have 24 nations; the Jewish people have Israel. I understand the biblical claims to Jerusalem as a Jewish capital; however, a peace deal doesn't have to be either or; people have a right to a peaceful homeland of their own. Hamas, the government of the Palestinians, is seen as a terrorist organization. With Hamas, they are correct. It is a terrorist organization, but the people of Palestine are not all terrorists.

Palestinian Christians started the Falastin (Palestine) publication in 1911. In 1964, the Arabs, previously referred to as Palestinian Arabs, dropped the Arab distinction. During the British Mandate, the term 'Palestinian' described the Arabs living in the Jewish community. Even though residing there, Palestinians did not have a legal right to the land. Most surely the Jewish people have a right to a state. Their own nation.

Palestinians are an ethnonational group comprised of those born in modern-day Palestine. Palestinians are culturally and linguistically Arab.

Half of Palestinians live in historic Palestine in the area surrounding the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel, which constitutes half the population of the combined areas.

The Roman Procurator gave the land of Israel the name Palestine, some allege, because of his hatred of the Jewish people - to revise history and take away the Jewish ancestral historical ties to their homeland.

However, the Jewish people returned to modern-day Israel; changed to a state in 1948. However, ethnic-Palestinians, Arabs, remained in the region until around 700,000 thousand left after the 1967 War, in which Israel claimed even more land. After that, Palestinians returned to claim their personal belongings, some stayed; to this day, they're considered refugees and not the residence of a Palestinian state. The fight over Jerusalem, in which Eastern Jerselum would go to the Palestine and Western Jerselum would be the Jewish capital -- that all changed when the United States breached its long-standing broker of a peace negotiation ended with Jerseulum no longer in consideration as part of a Palestinian state. America clearly took sides, therefore, peace in the Middle East is almost impossible.

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