Friday, May 25, 2018

Trump: Immigrant Children Are Not So Innocent

A couple of weeks ago, at a roundtable discussion about illegal immigration, Trump told attendees that the immigrants are animals. The White House later claimed Trump was referring to the notorious street gang, MS-13. Trump labeled objections to the term "animals" as sympathy for the brutal group. Trump now says immigrant children are not innocent. Demonize, demonize, demonize and soon, people will believe you.

Since his State of The Union address where he first mentioned MS-13, Trump has made it his mission to associate the vile street gang to immigrants; thus, when you see illegal immigrants, you think of a violent gang. It's the same tactic George W. Bush used to make people associate Iraq with 9/11. They weren't connected, but Bush associated the two so-often over half of Americans believed Saddam personally had a role in the terrorist attack. He did not.

When Trump twice bombed Syria, he claimed it was because of the dead children. I doubt that. It was because of his daughter prodding him to do so. Donald has shown us time, and again, he has no compassion for Americans.

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