Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Right-Wing Pastor Claims Throwing Children In 'Cage' Is Godly

As the Trump administration continues to gaslight the American people, the government continues to hold undocumented children in 'cages' for the alleged crimes of their parents.

Right-wing conservative Pastor Ralph Drollinger claims Attorney General Jeff Sessions' hardline immigration stance is biblical. If you break the law then if follows that consequences include jail. If a person is jailed, the family is separated. Therefore, family separation is not immoral, it's the result of illegal behavior.

Let's be clear: seeking asylum is not illegal. Administration officials implore people to visit 'ports of entry' to seek asylum. What the government is not telling you, people fleeing war, violence is turned away from those very ports of why they speak. Pastor Drollinger articulates people go to jail for murder or stealing. Comparing asylum seekers to murderers or thieves is meant to diminish the horror of violence perpetrated by drug cartels, corrupt politicians in their home countries.
“It follows that when someone breaks the law of the land that they should anticipate that one of the consequences of their illegal behavior will be separation from their children.

To reject claims of racism, the pastor uses more backward verbiage to justify promoting fear among right-wingers. I am a Christian, but these right-wing Christians using the Bible to justify horrendous policies is a bastardization of Scripture.

“To procedurally exclude foreign individuals who might be criminals, traitors, or terrorists, or who possess communicable diseases is not racist in the least!” ~ The Huffington Post

Well, isn't that cute? Avoid racism by appealing to a nonexistent law and fear-mongering. Just say it for god's sake, you don't like brown undocumented immigrants. This religious right-wing pastor is what's wrong with Christianity today; we have false prophets advising the government.

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