Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Carina Bergfeldt @carinabergfeldt caught someone taking a knee at the white house!#EaglesNation #whitehouse

After Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champion team from meeting at the White House, Donald decided to have a stupid quasi pro-America ceremony. It was disgusting, and many white nationalist looking fellows showed up to sing the national anthem and listen to this dumbass talk about patriotism. When Trump had the chance to show this "American exceptionalism" in real life, he chose to avoid the Vietnam War. Of course, the concept of America is exceptional, but Trump is not. This culture war fuels Trump's base. We have exchanged free speech for a false sense of patriotism. Free speech & freedom of expression are the core principles of American exceptionalism; Trump disregards what's important to America to score political points with his angry, mostly, white base.

During the national anthem, the camera panned to a person taking a knee to troll Trump. I kid you not. Watch the video.

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