Monday, June 25, 2018

Civility Includes A Zero-Tolerance Policy For Bigotry

Over the weekend White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a farm-to-table eatery in Virginia. The employees noticed Sanders & took a vote as to whether she should leave. According to reports, the staff called the owner asking her to come politely tell Sanders to go.  The objection of the employees centered around Trump's treatment of minority groups.

Of course, conservatives swooped on Sanders polite dismissal as oppression to Republicans. It gave the Right the ability to play the victim, which they play well. The left has gone too far, they say. The left hates America. These claims are just as opposed to American values as the discrimination of minorities or Trump violating civil rights and due process for immigrants; and why does that matter, if they are "illegal" as Trump claims? Because the treatment of folks starts with the least powerful and moves its way up to citizens; usually with the pretext of national security.

Apparently, being asked to leave a restaurant is equal to children living in cages. The attitude of Republicans is children from other countries are not deserving of respect. And, why does that matter? Well, it matters because (again) these things have a pattern of moving from the least powerful to the more powerful.

As with kicking asylum seekers out of the country without due process, kicking people out of eateries is counter-productive. It creates a victim mentality for the very people you dislike. Conservatives, in this instance, turn the tables and make liberals look like the intolerant ones notwithstanding the abhorrent policies of the Trump regime.

Some say engaging Trump supporters with reason has failed. Most Republicans agree with Donald Trump's policies despite the horrible behavior of his administration. Civility, not respect; civility is a two-way street. Folks don't need to respect each other for civility to coexist among parties that disagree & being reasonable with people does not mean you appreciate them.

To be honest; I can't stand Donald Trump and most of his supporters. Most make me sick. Their rationale for supporting him all the while losing their health insurance and some even losing their job because of  Trump's trade war - still defend him.

That segment of roughly 35% of Trump supporters will never change their mind. But, some Trump supporters are open to facts and reason.

What shocks me the most is when Republicans defend separating children from their families, as though humanity checks out at the border. Some insist undocumented immigrants broke the law by arriving; seeking asylum is not a crime. Not under U.S. law nor under international law is seeking refuge a crime. Even more surprising is the level of vitriol in which conservatives oppose refugees. People leaving everything they know - most of who don't want to hurt folks are treated with disdain. Ironically, during the past few months, my thoughts of impoverished American children increased drastically.

Most of those seeking refuge come from Central  America, where corruption, gangs & drug cartels run the streets. Is it America's problem or fault? Yes. Our intervention in the 80s has had a dramatic impact on these countries. Is it America's responsibility to offer asylum seekers due process, yes.

Any civility should be met with a reasonable, peaceful implication that a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry, racism is at least part of your argument. Just as important is religious and political freedom. But always utilize peaceful dialect.

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