Thursday, June 7, 2018

Iraqi Christians: 'We are worse off now' despite Pence's false promises

After the start of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the country devolved into utter chaos. With the rise of ISIS, Christians, in particular, have been under immense persecution with the threat of death unless Iraqi Christians convert to Islam, death is a certain consequence. Under Obama, Iraqi Christians felt safer. Now, the polar opposite is true. In part, the problem is funding. The Trump administration promised to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East, so far they haven't delivered. Funding is down and donations are as well. Because funds are down the result is the rise of Christian persecution, which is forcing them to leave the region. Because Christians are not the only ones needing funding for their devastated communities, as a result of the Iraqi War, Muslims in the region turn to squeeze resources out of religious minorities.

"Iraqi Christians say despite promises from Mike Pence and the Trump administration, they were better off under President Obama."

Now, Iraqi Christians claim Pence was bearing false witness when he promised them he'd be their helper. Pence, like Trump, talked a big game about protecting Christians; but it's clear they never meant a word of it. 

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