Monday, June 4, 2018

Megan McCain Attempts To Own Michael Dyson, Gets Destroyed

Professor Michael Dyson joined "The View" this morning to discuss his forthcoming book. During the segment, among other questions, conservative host Megan McCain attempted to shame African-Americans by claiming 13% of AA men voted for Trump. And, what would it take to get more clueless blacks to vote for right-wingers. Dyson articulated while African-American men hold conservative views, they also hold social activist opinions that don't align with the Republican Party. Moreover, the Republican Party holds a lot of racist views; and doesn't dismiss radical right-leaning conservatives from their mist.

From RawStory

As a biracial American, I would not vote for the Republican Party because their ideology doesn't align with mine. Plain and simple. The racial resentment only pushes us backward.

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