Monday, June 11, 2018

No, Dave Daubenmire, Shaming "Sinners" Into Accepting Jesus Won't Work

Coach Dave Daubenmire, a Religious Right activist, plans on holding a counter-protest to the 'gay pride parade' next weekend: entitled All Hands On Deck. His mission; to shame gays and people visiting a woman's clinic into accepting Christ. Also, they want to shout outside of a Mosque. Conservatives visiting women's clinics to shame them is nothing new; Dave has made his intentions known, which is more than you can say for others shouting at women, instead of showing compassion & empathy. Most religious fundamentalists won't come out and admit they intend to shame women. Religious Right activists post videos of the shouting at women, homosexuals and sinners. In fact, you might have seen the large signs they hold saying: Repent! Serve Jesus! Turn or Burn! Abortion is Murder & everything in between.

These folks are not interested in meaningful dialogue, if they are even capable or have such communication skills is up for debate. The Bible says clearly that it's the goodness of God that leads to repentance, not shame. Not guilt trips. One can say they accept Christ through guilt, but that's fleshly guilt. It's like saying this cigarette is your last. Come on, you know that isn't true. But with the skills to stop smoking or any particular sin, you have power. Shame isn't power, guilt isn't power; it's spiritual abuse. Godly guilt isn't from man, but in a walk with God; guilt can be a good thing; it's not the same kind of guilt inflicted by man, though. Also, Dave talks about men sticking their penises in men's rectums; although these beliefs coincide with religious right ideology, it's sad to see this warped style of communication.

Straight men don't think about gay sex; it just doesn't cross my mind. So when Dave brings it up, it makes me wonder what he's hiding. As a Christian, I am focused on my walk with Christ. Through the love, the grace of God I hope others will follow Christ. Shaming people, shaming people in the flesh isn't godly.

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