Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Historic North Korea Summit Was A Joke

The historic meeting between Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-Un showed Americans, Donald Trump is incapable of negotiating. During the meeting, Trump only briefly discussed North Korea's disturbing human rights violations; prison camps, and the starving people in his country. Under Kim Jung-Un's rule, public executions routinely happen, not sparing even his family members.

Kim won last night because Trump put Kim on the world stage as equal to world superpowers; the North Korean flag displayed beside the American flag is sure to play on North Korea's state TV and give legitimacy to a monstrous regime.

During the meeting Trump agreed to cease American war games with South Korea along the Korean peninsula; Kim conceded nothing.

Bottom line, the Trump administration didn't go to negotiate a deal, they went for a photo-op.

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